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Health Laparoscopic Endometriosis is a process which is one of the most controversial topics of medical sciences. However, over the years this form of treatment has provided help to a lot of patients requiring surgery as well as in case of all types of diagnosis. Laparoscopic surgery is an advanced form of surgical method in which little cut is made on the abdomen of the patient and thereafter carry out the surgery inside the persons abdomen through that tiny cut of 1.5 cm. Another name given to this form of surgery is keyhole surgery. Cameras are passed into the patients stomach through the small cut and on TV monitors the surgeons see the zoomed image of the internal part of the patients abdomen. This method of surgery is carried out on the abdominal or the pelvic areas of the patient. The practice of endoscopy involves taking up the method of laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopic surgery carried out in the pelvic region has various advantages over the traditional method of open surgery. In this advanced form of surgical method, tiny cuts are made which is beneficial because it gives lesser pain to the patients along with very little blood loss. Moreover, due to smaller size of the cut, it takes lesser time to heal. Thus, this method of surgery is a quicker procedure .pared to traditional methods of surgery. A patient operated by this method needs to spend lesser time in a hospital. The scar at the operated area has less visibility due to its smaller size. The use of a laparoscope is the most significant part of laparoscopic surgery. The popularity of this form of surgery has grown manifolds since its discovery. Popularity has also increased greatly in India as well with higher number of surgeons suggesting this method of cosmetic surgery in India. The main reason behind its increasing popularity is the ease in performing this surgery. Further, it has many advantages also which have already been discussed. While carrying out the laparoscopic surgery in the pelvic area, the physicians make the patient unconscious with anaesthesia. After that a surgical cut of the measure of about half an inch is made below the patients belly button. The laparoscope, which is capable of showing images, is made to pass through that cut into the unconscious patients abdomen. Now to insert surgical instruments few other small cuts are also made in the area. With this the doctors are able to get tissue samples and the procedure is called biopsy. This method of treatment is very much popular in case of surgeries requiring repairing or removal of ovaries. During operation Carbon dioxide is inserted into the patients abdomen and removed after the surgery for getting better vision on the internal parts on the screen. This is quite a popular form of cosmetic surgery in India these days. This has helped the Indian healthcare facilities improve a lot. More and more advanced hospitals are developing where use of laparoscopy has be.e very much popular these days. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: