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Bank financial management fees are not thin: 2 million 300 thousand of the investment income of the bank to take away the exposure of $950 thousand Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them!   – reporter Zhang Xin "for your money", which is commonly used in advertising language to promote its banks to issue financial products at. However, the name of your financial management behind, some of the bank’s management fee income has earned pours. Bank financial products implied investment management fees how much? Most calculating bank have to produce a "confusion", only a few banks in a single product payment notice of disclosure of the relevant information. "Securities Daily" reporter noted that recently from the western region of a city firm disclosure of data, even if the current average return rate of financial products has dropped substantially, but the bank’s management fees are not soft — nearly 2 million 300 thousand yuan of investment income, the bank took 950 thousand yuan of financial excess yields lower management fees but for investors to buy financial products yields high "tips" in the important point and holidays has been gradually losing, financial products yields fell steady tendency. While the Banking Financial Registration Center released "Chinese managed banking financial market report" shows that the first half of 2016, closed customer payment of financial products yields show a downward trend, the customer payment annualized rate of return from an average of about 4.2% in early fall to about 3.7% on average. Bank financial products yields lower, part of the bank’s investment management fees are not corresponding "downsizing" — a city firm a September 12th just due to the payment of financial products announcement shows that nearly 2 million 300 thousand yuan of investment income, the bank took 950 thousand yuan (including 945 thousand yuan management fee and 5 thousand yuan fee). Payment of customer revenue of less than 1 million 350 thousand yuan. According to estimates, the ratio of the actual income of the customer and bank charges is about 1:0.7, that is to say, in the product’s total investment income, the bank does not need to occupy the capital, no need to take risks, but pulled out more than 40% of the income. "Securities Daily" reporter to a number of financial banking products investors asked and understand that although rationality does not fully agree with the management fee, but the majority of investors to accept the management fee of roughly between 10%-20% yield financial products, is 1:0.1 to 1:0.2 between. As mentioned above, "1:0.7" is considered by most respondents as "unimaginable"". What’s more, this is not an accident. The another financial products in September 6th due payment announcement shows that customers receive the annual yield of 4.25%, the investment income of about 1 million 520 thousand yuan, while the bank charges a total of about 980 thousand yuan, the ratio of the actual income of the customer and bank earnings is about 1:0.64. From the bank to disclose the financial assets of these two financial products portfolio, its investment is all bonds, the difficulty and risk management is relatively controllable. On相关的主题文章: