Bad digestion period the main futures contract month retreat

Bad digestion period the main futures contract month retreat – reporter Zhang Lijing by overseas market "black Friday", yesterday, the domestic market shares, and bonds fell across the board. The stock index futures market, three varieties all closed green plate, as of the close, the three main futures contract, IF1609 fell 2.43%, IH1609 fell 1.86%, IC1609 fell 3.06%; far month contracts are all down, some of the main contract contract of more than. The weakening of the macro environment on Friday, known as the panic index of the Chicago Stock Exchange Volatility Index (VIX) rose 40% to a high of $two, the largest increase since the British referendum back to europe. The reason is that the North Korean nuclear test and the Fed’s dovish speech caused a massive sell-off of investors, international oil prices and the U.S. stock market crash. The domestic market opened Monday, pessimism spread, three index futures fell across the board. But some analysts believe that the overseas market from the macro environment of A shares some impact, but the A shares market itself, the negative factors have been digested, the market pressure ability, the material does not appear continuous sharp decline in the situation. China Sea Liang period refers to the delivery by the overseas market analyst Cheng Zhaohong said, "black Friday", the stock index, and commodity bond market fell across the board, the VIX index rose, the panic has increased, but there is no need to panic too much, the shock to maintain high point of view, there are four reasons: first, from the economic fundamentals, the data show that in August the economy is still in a weak recovery process, the replenishment rate probably will usher in a quarter of 2-3, the other PPP superposition financial force, material listed company’s three or four quarter results or improved liquidity; secondly, August inflation is lower than expected, but the Fed rate hike up factors such as inhibition of easing, expected short-term remained neutral monetary policy; third, the strict supervision of continuous fermentation, will inhibit the short-term rebound in risk appetite; fourth, from the basis of view, since July basis repair Complex is still in progress, the current from the bottom to maintain the shock, there is no sign of a clear sign of panic. Shift positions accelerated release from selling positions, the index of the total positions changed little, the futures delivery date approaching the next month contract both sides accelerated shift positions. The specific data, IF1609 contract positions 21263 hands, lighten up 6802, IF1610 month contract positions 15022 hands, Masukura 4735 hands; IH1609 contract positions 9971 hands, lighten up 1948, IH1610 month contract positions 6674 hands, Masukura 1630 hands; IC1609 contract positions 16207 hands, hand to lighten up 2650 month contract positions 8874 IC1610 hands, Masukura 2989 hands. "The data released from the gold member positions, short main part of profits, short-term market sell-off eased." LUZHENG futures futures analyst Wang Wei said that the slump in the external market and domestic weekend bearish news situation broke the trend A stock index in recent continuous shocks, on the surface of the theme and the weight plates are weak, brokerage, theory相关的主题文章: