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Automotive emission reduction: how to twist the three lines into a rope (economic focus) – Finance – People’s automotive industry on energy conservation and emission reduction policy to carry out more recent discussions. The Ministry will be introduced to disclose corporate average fuel consumption of passenger volume and way of synchronous management of new energy vehicles integral soon, the national development and Reform Commission recently issued a new energy vehicles for heavy policy — "new energy automobile carbon quota management approach (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "draft"). "Draft" for the first time listed in the future implementation of the new energy vehicle carbon quota management of the basic framework and program, causing concern and discussion. Fuel management, integral system and carbon quota trading, in the policy orientation is to promote green development of China’s automobile industry, but the three belong to different departments, in the calculation method, the management mechanism is not exactly the same. This makes the implementation of the new deal is difficult, it may not be easy to adapt to the enterprise. Vehicle management is to establish a market mechanism for the implementation of the 2020 passenger car 100 km average fuel consumption dropped to 5 liters, the Ministry has been in research and the introduction of corporate average fuel consumption of passenger cars management measures, the establishment of corporate average fuel consumption management system, the method has not yet been formally introduced. At the same time, the new energy vehicles subsidy policy in China is also gradually fall off then file to the new policy, to guide the healthy development of the new energy vehicle market. In this regard, the Ministry of finance is studying the integration of new energy vehicle trading system. The main idea is to record the company’s annual sales of zero emission vehicles into points, non-compliance of the enterprise to pay a high penalty to the government, or to have extra points to buy points. For these two policies, the Ministry had to put the corporate average fuel consumption and new energy automobile integral hook, which led to the discussion on the management of the fuel consumption of passenger cars and new energy vehicles should be separated or combined with the implementation of the integral industry. This discussion has not yet made clear the results, another department of development and Reform Commission has disclosed a draft on the new energy vehicle carbon quota management, hoping to combine the new energy vehicle integration and carbon emissions market. In the view of new energy vehicles and the fiscal policy research director Chinese Automotive Technology Research Center Liu Bin, this shows that China’s automobile fuel consumption, the new energy vehicle management is the establishment of market mechanism, from the prior management in the past to do afterwards regulatory changes. But as the Guangzhou Institute executive vice president Wu Jian said: "although the document consistent in goal, management ideas, but from different department policies are not unified in standard details, there are many rules brings uncertainty to the enterprise." Focus on the introduction of a standard not troubled industry development of passenger car fuel management, new energy automobile integral system and the subsequent carbon quota scheme, it is the automotive industry has been the management idea of true, that is bull management. Chinese Automobile Industry Association Deputy Secretary General Li Wanli told reporters: "the Ministry of finance, development and Reform Commission respectively formulate policy from fuel management, integration system, carbon trading in three directions, if the beginning of rules and standards are not unified, policy implementation will have some problems that may affect the effect of energy saving and emission reduction." Each)相关的主题文章: