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Asia Department of China: Yellen popped back $LeightonWebworks clients view the latest market overview $torsion rally, taking recent sessions or. EURUSD fell below 1.1000 since the end of 7 years for the first time below the mark integer, intraday low of 1.0985, then rebound difficult 1.1100. Macro economic data is relatively scarce, Germany announced the September inflation data matched with market expectations and the previous readings, rose 0.1% monthly rate rose 0.7% per annum. In the United States, the number of jobless claims at the beginning of October 8th, 246 thousand people, close to November 1973 hit a low of 244 thousand decades. Data suggest the U.S. job market remains strong. Philadelphia Federal Reserve President Haq limit the dollar, he supported the Fed rate hike at the end of the year. Britain has no important economic data, the high court heard the first report on the British exit information, the court is considering, in the case of law through Parliament, the 50 terms can trigger the Treaty of Lisbon. It is said that the final results will be announced in October 18th, is expected to be announced before the court will not affect the pound. On Friday, investors will face a series of blockbuster events, in addition to the "terrorist data" of the U.S. retail sales data released, the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen will also work with a 2016 FOMC voting member of speech, may lead to severe market turbulence. The euro dollar euro dollar after hitting two month lows rebound yesterday fell below 1.1000 since the end of 7 years for the first time below the mark integer, intraday low of 1.0985, then rebound difficult 1.1100. 4 hours chart, the exchange rate is located below 20SMA, at the same time in the recent decline of 38.2% retracement of 1.1070 below. In the field of technical indicators oversold rebound, to maintain the upward space in the negative field, suggesting that the euro needs co.. EUR / JPY fell to its lowest level in a week, hitting 113.90, and the yen benefited from a sharp drop in Asian and European stock markets. The crosses followed the euro, but Thursday closed lower. Short term, the euro yen short potential is still strong, 1 hours on the map, 100SMA under the 200SMA, technical indicators in the vicinity of the central line to cut or increase, is currently lower. 4 hours chart, the euro has failed to break through the 200SMA, that is, near the level of 114.50, the level of the initial resistance, technical indicators in the negative areas of moderate rebound, not enough to confirm the additional gains. The pound, US dollar, was moderately high on Thursday, near 1.2250, low in intraday lows of about $1.2131. Short term, the dollar exchange rate pound moderate upward, in the 20SMA above, technical indicators remain in front of the field, despite the lack of kinetic energy. The 4 hour chart, the pound rose to $20SMA, and in this location difficult, technical indicators in line below the uplink, is expected to support the dollar rose to 1.2250, which is the initial resistance, after the break on the 1.2400. Aud.相关的主题文章: