As a mother of Kaifeng long sister-in-law women 15 years taking care of his mentally retarded 66814

As a mother of Kaifeng long sister-in-law women 15 years taking care of disabled brother-in-law Washington media reporter Wang Lanlan reported that "long sister-in-law as the mother, the valve of community residents Li Xinping, 15 years, no regrets, toil day and night, like a mother to take care of her only 3 years younger than their mentally retarded brother-in-law. Li Xinping’s brother-in-law called Liu Wenji, now nearly five years late, unmarried, childless. He was mentally retarded, many diseases later got cerebral thrombosis, hypertension, no ability to work, life can not take care of themselves, along with my brother’s life. Because of the bad state of mind, Liu Wenji often curses in law. Although Li Xinping is often angry tears, but she never complained, always taking care of Liu Wenji. In order to take care of him, Li Xinping could not go out to work, only one person working husband, a monthly income of only 1000 yuan. She did not have a decent home appliances, the only high-end appliances is a tv. Liu Wenji’s only hobby is watching TV, especially watching cartoons, so the TV set has become the exclusive product of Liu Wenji. Once, Liu Wenji suddenly lost his temper, picked up the teapot to hit to the TV, the TV was smashed. Although Li Xinping is distressed, but also to buy a television. Day in and day out, year after year, now more than and 50 year old Li Xinping body is much worse than before, and increasingly difficult to take care of him. The neighbors advised her brother-in-law to resthome, Li Xinping said: "well, so many years I have persevered, sent him home, I really do not worry." (Bianliang Evening News)相关的主题文章: