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Ali split VS travel online travel outbound Ctrip merger for Xiong Xiaohui Liang Jianzhang in the "two" after the resignation of CEO, then, Ctrip has done a big thing to go on vacation travel and Ctrip announced the merger. This is the industry that Ctrip is "outward first" move. On the one hand, Ctrip where to go after the merger has been integrated into the time node. On the other hand, as Liang Jianzhang said, internationalization and outbound tourism will be the next step of the strategic focus of ctrip. This trip is split and Ali had different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful. Ali split business and new travel brand flying pigs, the former focused on domestic business travel with the standard product market, and pushing the latter focus on outbound travel, become the focus of ali. From several OTA recent movements, outbound travel is becoming the new battleground OTA fight. The online travel market Ctrip basic standard products dominate the world, other OTA limited space. Leisure travel in the domestic market competition, whether it will grab a cup in the outbound market will determine the future of OTA. Ali split VS Ctrip merger of different strategic choices of solo travel again after two years, Ali changed its name, with a new brand of "unexpected flying pigs". With the name of the same time there is a relatively low profile Ali business split. Ali travel has formed two major plate product line pattern: domestic concentrated resources based business hotel, the size of the traffic; the "flying pig" force outbound, bet 85 after the young group. 2015 years later, the first of the three major strategies proposed by Ma is internationalization. After the brand update, flying pigs focus on business development on the outbound travel, aimed at the growth of the Internet to grow up around the world of consumer upgrades. And this change and Alibaba group on the eve of this year on the eve of the eleven global buy global sell strategy to upgrade the synchronization. Coincidentally, in November 17th, second times from Ctrip management Liang Jianzhang told reporters that the internationalization is the future new growth point ctrip. He stressed that Ctrip future strategy will not change too much, will continue to be the international destination products do deep, well, in good service China customers at the same time, have a certain market share in terms of foreign tourists. Internationalization is a new growth point of future development, Ctrip hopes to become a pioneer in the service brand to go out and eat the crab, but it is not easy, Liang Jianzhang said. From the recent action, Ctrip global layout continues. In October 24th, Ctrip strategic investment two US earth Agency seagull tourism and China group, and reached a strategic cooperation with two parties and had invested toursforfun, jointly launched the outbound tour with the group, such as the free exercise of products. According to reports, tourism and seagull Zongheng group is the largest Eastern and west respectively, two Chinese dejieshe, occupied the North American tourists Chinese reception market more than 50% market share. It can also be seen Ctrip’s efforts on the outbound tour. November, Ctrip also reached a strategic cooperation with the Australian Tourism Bureau, the line of the Australian National Pavilion, which is also the first cooperation with Ctrip Ctrip National Tourism bureau. It is interesting that.相关的主题文章: