Alexeyevich’s snobbish and indifferent.

Alexeyevich’s snobbish and indifference in 2015 won the Nobel prize of Belarus writer Alexeyevich recently in Beijing to meet with readers, scholars and critics and exchanges. I have read many of her works, the feeling is more complex, especially the love "zinc skin doll soldier", which she recorded that the Afghan war witness oral. It is easy for Chinese readers to ignore that her book and her so-called non fiction literature about the great changes of the Soviet Union in 90s are largely constrained by the prevailing views of the world today. Her independence and her emphasis on the "true story" are significant, written in the Soviet era, some people want to cover up the facts, but it is not the whole truth, nor is it an unshakable truth. Part of the truth is not wrong, but need to cooperate with other parts of the truth to understand and understand. "Basic zinc skin doll soldier" the whole conception is that the Soviet Union in 1979 to 1989 years of the war in Afghanistan is an unjust war. Western media and academia sometimes equate the nature of the war with the Vietnam War launched by the United States and believe that the outcome of the two is similar. In fact, the United States after the withdrawal of Vietnam can eliminate the obstacles to become a unified, economic development and political stability of the country, and the Soviet Union after the withdrawal of the Afghan government is no longer effective, a terrorist den, brought endless trouble so far can not be eliminated for the region and around the world, including the United states. The situation of human rights has been greatly deteriorated, women have been hurt, and even lost the qualifications and opportunities to receive education and engage in a lot of professional work. Now look back, the Soviet Union, the United States, as well as the whole of the west to fight against the forces of secularization in Afghanistan is a healthy and stable element. Marx,, the most outstanding contemporary British historian of philosophy; P· a lot of criticism of the Soviet system by E·. But in 1981 he had published an article that, from ancient Athens to the British and American modern democracy, countries can be naked imperialism countries, so it is difficult to deduce from the political system of machinery, the western countries will be more sincere pursuit of peace. Thompson suggested that the Soviet Union’s intervention in Afghanistan is part of the strategic rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union, and in general, the Soviet Union is more defensive, while the United States is more dangerous and offensive posture. This is, of course, a point of view. But from the historical background to observe, Alexeyevich simply put the Soviet war in Afghanistan and the Soviet Union and the Soviet people sacrifice described as meaningless, is also a kind of ambiguous position debatable. Her works are welcomed by some people, but also by another part of the people questioned and criticized. Who is the last part of this? Many of the officers and men of war. Alexeyevich subjectively believes that his works focus on the dignity of "little people". Most of her works, however, hold that the western system and values have advantages, criticize and question the socialist system. In this context, in the objective nature of the performance of the cruel war, there is not much sympathy for the little people and often make great sacrifices in the history of change.相关的主题文章: