Actress 7 years serve 4 gold owners mad fishing 250 million national tax bureau investigation

Actress 7 years serve 4 gold master Crazy Fishing 250 million was the IRS investigation in the United States Julia male hunting skills account 200 million yuan by the IRS as "pick up reward", the rate of conversion, plus the delay penalty, should pay 115 million yuan to the tax department, but she complained, "I said male contacts did indeed accept money, but the amount is not my decision, but the two sides after the free love, make physical compensation for my expenses." In Japan the income tax law, "break fee" is not included in the object of taxation. The 31 year old in the United States Julia and 4 men exchanges, including Osaka’s doctors, investors, Hongkong developers, nonprofit organization president, and each received 50 million yen (about 3 million 200 thousand yuan), the past 7 years and the 4 people have the engagement, but end up breaking up. In the face of outside attention, "said her agency has to pay tax levied, the survey also ended, insiders estimate late pay taxes over time, will result in higher costs. (ETtoday)   女优7年服侍4金主狂捞2.5亿 遭国税局调查   里美尤莉亚猎男手段高超,账户中2亿元被国税局视为“接客报酬”,经税率换算,加上延迟罚金等,本该补缴1亿1500万元,但是她向税务署提出申诉,表示“我的确接受了交往男性的金钱,但是这些金额不是我决定的,而是双方经过自由恋爱后,对我做出身心补偿的费用。”而在日本所得税法中,“分手费” 可不列入课税对象。   现年31岁的里美尤莉亚和4名男性交往,包括大阪的医生、投资客、香港地产商、非营利组织会长等,并各自收下日币5000万元(约人民币320万元),过去7年和这4人都曾有婚约,后来却分手收场。面对外界关注,她的所属经纪公司表示“已经支付追征的课税,调查也结束了”,知情人士估算迟缴税金随着时间延长,会产生更高的费用。(ETtoday 文)  相关的主题文章: