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.puters-and-Technology Most people these days own a cell phone. More than likely along with its many other features the phone came with a few games to play. If you do own a cell phone, give your games a chance. You just might find yourself playing the games a lot more. Games can be downloaded off the Internet and often for free. They may suit your style more if you get bored with the games on your phone. Games like sports, puzzle, trivia, and adventure can all be found online. If you do decide to play free games, or even pay for some games you are not likely to be disappointed. Mobile phone games can be a lifesaver when you are stuck in situation where you have to wait long time. In our technology advanced world today it is easy to see why cell phones are so popular. People are seen everywhere talking on their phones, texting messages, checking e-mail or searching the Internet. While all these things are great, they cost money. So when you are just bored and need something to do, it is better to play a cell phone game that doesnt rack up minutes. Many different people ranging from young kids to adults play mobile games. Cell phone games can be played anytime, while gaming systems and .puters often can only be played at home. At an appointment, in traffic, waiting for dinner, on a plane or bus trip, or waiting in line cell phone games can kill time and make the wait much more manageable. Snake, memory, and logic games were some of the first games to .e out for mobile phones. Since then the gaming market has be.e much bigger and the games have gotten much better. Cell phone games can be downloaded for free from many sites on the internet and can be found easily by using search engines like Google and Yahoo. Other games can be purchased for flat fee or at a monthly rate for bundled games. Some of the games work through your phones web browser so internet access for you phone may be necessary. Classic games like chess, tetrus, sports, puzzle, and card games are just some of the games that can be found online. With interactive capabilities on your mobile phone it may be possible to integrate games. Phones with Bluetooth can connect you to nearby game players and some games use text messaging in their games. This can make the mobile phone games much more exciting and fun, since the new players can make the game more challenging. New phone styles that have bigger screens, better color, and graphics have made cell phone games better and have increased the mobile gaming market. In the future more people will probably play cell phone games more, especially if the prices of the games be.e more reasonable. If you do own a cell phone, chances are it came with a few games. You can whip out your cell phone at anytime and play a game if you need to kill some time. Even so many people still dont really play their cell phone games. Some reasons for this may be that the games their phone came with are boring or not much fun, they spend more time sending messages or talking on the phone, or they just dont think to play the games. Mobile phone games have be.e more popular in recent years though, due to better phones and better gaming options. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: