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A college student in Nanjing national day to mom with open spree was dirty clothes during the national day, Changzhou, a school in Nanjing’s freshman home when my mother brought a spree, which turned out to be accumulated for several days without washing dirty clothes. In this regard, netizens have different opinions, some people think that this child is too fragile, some people think that this situation is not uncommon and no wrong, some people believe that this is actually the result of parents dote on. The boys back to the National Day laundry spree "this day back, brother box put a pile of dirty clothes. Oh, really is a box of dirty clothes, with my brother’s words, the military training is very hard, do not want to wash clothes, and then change the clothes every day to bring back to the mother to wash." The day before, Changzhou long lane a netizen "gag no" Post said, his brother home national home "package" is actually a pile of dirty clothes. October 8th afternoon, the modern express reporter contacted the person who posted Xiao Li, she told reporters, there are two children at home, she is my sister, just graduated this year to participate in the work, while my brother was admitted to the Nanjing school, shortly before the national day home brother brought a box of dirty clothes, in addition to more than a dozen sporadic with the smell of sweat clothes, pants, shoes and socks, etc.. "I’m not jealous, but I think a boy at least his own clothes to wash it, and said to have been on the University, is an adult so good? Mother not only did not say anything but smiled and said that these days the weather is not very good to bring back is not the time, did not feel that he is not the right behavior, I am really speechless." Xiao Li said, brother, this approach she felt should not, father was also criticized the brother, that he should exercise their self-care ability, but only the mother do not think brother what is still willing to help him wash the clothes. In addition, Li also listen to his brother, said the same quarters of Suzhou, Wuxi, two boys are doing so, each with a box of dirty clothes to go home, so her brother believes that with dirty clothes to go home to wash is very normal. "Before the high school is busy, no time to wash, mom and dad when backing which is not what the University, but also parents to wash clothes, it is not a shame?" Xiao Li li. More than 9 users do not agree with "don’t say is just the employment of college students, boys, are a lot of dirty clothes, wash the quilt back to me." Netizen "Li Wushuang" said that the dirty clothes home to wash the situation has been flattering. Netizen boanya said his own experience, the message said his son came back from the summer camp a large bag of dirty clothes, washing machines wash 3 barrels. Netizen "I think, now the road overturned" children should exercise more, parents do not feel bad, you should ask the child in the school washed back. Netizen "Po Po said, for" the child’s behavior is used by parents, both boys and girls should have the ability to take care of themselves. "My family is my daughter, 8 years old, I can do things for her to do, and sometimes even let her wash the dishes, I want to have a son, should let his son do相关的主题文章: