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.puters-and-Technology In the real world, it is essential to address software development projects in a systematic and structured manner in order to make sure that it .pletely caters to the need of the end user. Be following any one of the variations of software development life cycle (SDLC) is an apt way to set up a quality control system into the software customization endeavors. Even the elementary software development projects can be categorized into many phases. The number and names of these phases might differ, but the details of the software development life cycle share all these .ponents. They are listed below: Determine the requirements of the desired software i.e. Requirements study phase Producing a design that caters to the requirements i.e. Design phase Building or coding the designed software i.e. Development Phase Verifying that the software caters to the requirements i.e. Testing phase Maintaining the software all through the life cycle i.e. Maintenance Phase Numerous software developers, especially the start ups quickly shifty to the Phase 3 without dedicating enough time to the first and the last two stages, i.e. a life cycle model often referred to as code-and-fix. A cardinal rule here is that in case a project is taking more than a day to finish, then avert the code-and-fix approach and manage the project in a more streamlined manner. Today leading .panies .ply with the standard industry processes and modify their versions of managing internal development. Similarly, today you can search for SDLC on the web and get various details on the same emphasizing the relevance of each level. This apart, service providers of application lifecycle management has .e up with advanced SDLC solution that includes the following elements: Requirements Management Test Management Issue Management Risk Management Release Management Document Management IT Project Management However, quality assurance (QA) is an essential aspect of the SDLC process. The focus of software quality assurance is to continuously monitor all through the SDLC to assure the quality of the products delivered. The needs monitoring both the products as well as the processes. In process assurance, the QA offers management with the objective feedback concerning .pliance to approved plans, processes, analyses and standards. The product assurance practices concentrates on the changing level of product quality within every phase of the life cycle, such as design, requirements, code and test plan. The purpose is to recognize and reduce the defects throughout the life cycle as early as possible, thereby minimizing the test and maintenance expenses. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: