The new angkesaila officially released a GVC configuration to enhance system-海思k3v2

The new angkesaila officially released a day before the GVC system configuration upgrade, the new Mazda 3 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) (called domestic Mazda 3 angkesaila (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) officially released). The new car on the appearance of fine-tuning, while improving the configuration, and equipped with the latest Mazda GVC (torque vector control) system. The new car will be in October 1st officially listed overseas, domestic Mazda 3 angkesaila models will also be modified in 2017. Appearance, the new Mazda 3 on the grille, headlights and fog lamps of the other make a slight change, make the car look more delicate and more modern. The new car headlights with LED light source, with adaptive light function; LED lamp was changed to light, perception is more fashionable. The rear end of the new car is very slight, and only a few adjustments are made to the rear bumper. The new car is the biggest bright spot with a new Mazda GVC (torque vector control) system, the system can adjust the torque output of the engine when the vehicle turns, to load additional front wheel, allowing the driver to reduce the correction of direction in turn, so as to improve the stability of the vehicle and long-distance driving comfort. At the same time, Mazda is also equipped with a diesel model called NSS noise reduction system, can reduce the noise of diesel engine running. The interior, car steering wheel into a new style, trim on the door panels from the current model of paint materials into metal material. Upgrade configuration includes a color display HUD (cash for black and white) system and an electronic handbrake (cash for mechanical brake). The new car is consistent with the current power system.相关的主题文章: