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James opener record 4 crazy? The 6 express dunks – Sports Sohu > > data point shooting record of Beijing time on October 26, 2016, NBA2016-2017 started the season opener, the defending champion Cleveland’s debut, their home court against New York Nicks team, James created 4 records: the occupation career fourteenth times in the regular season opener debut tied Jordan occupation career record of the game, James scored 19 points and 11 rebounds and 14 assists, including 6 single game dunk is the opener opener three highest, double the first time in history (forty-third career), 14 assists in the first opener, the final 117-88 victory over Nicks knight. A knight and Nicks’s opener in the 2015 season, the giants lost the opener on the three knights. Today, however, James has helped the Cavaliers to win the championship. As James took the offensive conversion for the knight team new season first, and then, James in the back of the head, eye, even a back hit the ball, with two opponents personal defense directly assists JR Smith layup, the new season started James into the state soon. Rate is generally a player in the summer training and state of the embodiment of. James in the three field goal is the first section of the basket, one of which is after the two shot single hand split button, the first section of James is still playing with ease, and comprehensive data with 6 points and 4 rebounds and 4 assists. The second day James still is an inside a trend which cannot be halted, first hands dunk, then James breakthrough, the other two people are not closed shut, James squeezed off the opponent directly dunks. If you have to say that James has any offensive defects, it is his 3 half of the 0 shots in the three points. But it’s really not what relationship, James in the second half continue firepower, he was against Anthony Nuo A and then buckle fly, a fly back buckle for old friends muskmelon, this is already the fifth James dunk, no wonder this season, general manager of voting MVP chose James, in terms of the state of James still no signs of decline, as in the past and the stability of James’s determination to really is to rush to the impact of the regular season MVP. In addition to the offensive end, defensive end James still has a wonderful performance, third day 6 minutes James single hand nail plate cap Lee layup. The three game, James completed 6 dunk is the opener first, this is his career single game dunk record more than and 2 (the first is the single game 7 dunks, section three) James scored 17 points and 8 rebounds, 12 assists, 12 assists James’s career record opener. After entering the fourth quarter, James once again created a record, he completed 3 double record in 32 minutes, scored forty-third career three double record, he is also the opening game of the first three double record, the Knights leading nearly 20 points, the game into garbage time in advance, and James also completed the perfect opener in advance end. For James, the game is undoubtedly the perfect first step towards his defending. (Han Shao)相关的主题文章: