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Oral: City woman in engagement before trying to test me most when I started together with her boyfriend, I have a lot of concerns, because I come from a rural area, although it is also a home in the city, but did not give a reason to mix. And my husband, he is in the city, and the family’s economic conditions are good, I have been worried about our things will not be supported by his family, and may even oppose. My boyfriend told me, do not think so much, the two of us are really in love, even if his family objected, he will stand on my side, until they agree. Three months ago, my boyfriend took me to see his family, her attitude toward my future is still moderate, to go before her mother gave me a piece of gold, it also carved my name, she said it is the first time we met a gift. Don’t mention how much I was surprised, because her boyfriend told me before that he gave us both things to tell his mother, his mother said he does not agree to marry a country girl, let me accompany him for the long run, I was ready, I thought the first time meet the mother to be sure will I allow myself to create all sorts of obstacles, beat a retreat, but did not expect to meet for the first time, she gave me a piece of carved my name of gold, then I’ll stay here, my boyfriend also shocked. On the way back, he happily said to me: "I know my mother, although I do not agree with the country girl, but she is very satisfied with you, ah, you do not have to worry about it." At that time I heard this, I am also very happy, no matter what, she was willing to give me a gift, and still so valuable, she must not be excluded. I work in a small company boyfriend here, not many people in our department, we all get along very well, a lot of age is older than me, I told my boyfriend that they have been very concerned about the things I went to her home to say to them, come to the bar they see. Meet for the first time, received two rich generation boyfriend mum bullion, those very envious of their female colleagues, all my old gossip bars certainly valuable, some people bet on the value of 50 thousand yuan, also said that I developed this. I said with a smile, I did not intend to sell, no matter how much money, anyway, do not sell, after all, this is my mother’s mind, not to mention the above engraved my name. However, there is a knowledgeable colleagues quietly said to me, say I received no gold, let my best to check the inspection. I said it’s impossible, but this colleague’s father is working in the gold recovery agency, for which she certainly than I know, I went out of curiosity to test it, it is a fake. I was ignorant, although I don’t know what exactly is her intention, but I’m not with her boyfriend, or he must have a quarrel with his mother, then we’re over. The Dragon Boat Festival is just the prospective mother birthday, I use two months salary to buy a gold cross necklace, gave her mother. Sent to her mother’s hand, she did not believe that she touched for a long time, but also tried to wear a little, said very satisfied. She asked me for a long time, the last time you like the gold bar? I said: "you send, of course I like ah."相关的主题文章: