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Chelsea Lewis officially announced the return of 38 million 500 thousand euro defender David Lewis to return to Stamford Bridge to bridge the Phoenix sports news Beijing on September 1st morning, the Premier League giants Chelsea announced on the official website, Brazil defender David Lewis’s formal return, both sides signed a three year contract, in order to complete the transaction, Chelsea paid a transfer fee of 38 million 500 thousand euros to Paris, Lewis became another players Conti signed earlier this summer, the Blues have purchased Kanter, Ba Shu and Marcos – Alonso yayi. After returning to Chelsea, David – Lewis was delighted to say, "it’s a great pleasure to be back at Chelsea again. I want to help Chelsea and Conti get a lot of success, I have a very good relationship with the fans of the Chelsea, and I look forward to wearing a blue shirt again at the bridge in." Once Chelsea from Benfica in January 2011 the signing of David Lewis, the transfer fee is 25 million euros in the first period, the effectiveness of the blues, Lewis made 143 appearances and scored 12 goals, helping the team win the 1 Champions League titles, 1 UEFA Cup and 1 League cups. The summer of 2014, he takes a transfer fee of 50 million euros to Paris, in the past two seasons, he is the main PSG, but Emeri did not pay attention to it, and on deadline day, Lewis was able to return to Chelsea. According to Chelsea’s official website news, the two sides signed a 3 year contract, and "the market" said Lewis’s fee is 38 million 500 thousand euros, compared to two years ago, the transfer price, Chelsea at a relatively low price to buy back the Brazil defender, the deal will help the blues in the new season. (Rooney)相关的主题文章: