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James appeared in the rams opener Losangeles fans are shouting Kobe sports Sohu Beijing time on September 19, 2016, according to U.S. media news, Cleveland star Lebron James with his two sons, attended the NFL team the Losangeles rams home court opener, the enthusiasm of the fans in Losangeles, James in a play of Kobe shouting. It is reported that James with two sons attended the opening ceremony of the rams, he and his family also put on the rams equipment, together with the home team refueling. From a video can be seen, James appeared on the site, many Losangeles fans shouted the name of Kobe. As a city hero in Losangeles, Kobe’s position in the hearts of the local fans, almost impossible to go beyond, he was also a magician to become the greatest Laker in history". As a veteran of the NFL team, the original name of the Losangeles rams Cleveland rams, and later moved to Losangeles, renamed the Losangeles rams. After the rams went Annahan and Saint Louis. In 2016, the rams returned to Losangeles.相关的主题文章: