Liuzhou issued a warning to beware of consumer travel tour cheap anti friendship card-纪元1701

Liuzhou tourism consumer warning: beware of cheap travel – friendship card nanguojinbao news (reporter correspondent Liao Yanming Tang Chizhen) "can pay 168 yuan in Hong Kong and Macao five days four night", "shopping gift to Hong Kong and Macao five days four night travel vouchers", on the side of the road, the Internet, people often see such advertising. These seemingly affordable, in fact, hidden a variety of traps. The mid autumn National Day holiday coming up, yesterday, Liuzhou City Consumers Association issued a warning of tourism consumption. Case: to participate in low-cost tour, the friendship set close to 30 thousand recently, Mr. Wu, who was found at the age of more than and 50, speaking of the Hong Kong and Macao tour in August, he regretted. Mr. Wu, after he received a tourist advertisement in the street, see pay 168 yuan will be able to participate in the Hong Kong and Macao five days four night, he relented, went to pay. Mr. Wu is also worried about travel will be asked to shop, especially cautious. The five day of travel down, he has been to keep themselves awake. The end of the tour, they pass the car back to Guangdong liu. There is still a long time on the train, the tour guide took them to Panyu stroll around. In a jade shop, the boss took them to look at a variety of precious jade. Subsequently, the boss began to play the "friendship" brand, and we become "friends", to tourists relax the preparedness of the heart, the boss wrote "1999, 3999, 6999, 9999" figures, "said the representative of friendship for a long time". If someone uses a bank card to brush these figures, is really want to make friends with him. He also said that no matter how much money will be returned, and presented as a reward for the return of jade. Tour group, someone immediately credit card. Wu first brush 9999 yuan, and brush the $19999. Just brush the card, the boss excuse to leave something. Take the train till 1 hours, the boss again, come up with all kinds of jade pendants, bracelets and so on to the credit card from the counter. At that time, the tour guide on the train, Mr. Wu thought the refund immediately to the account, so back to Liuzhou. Because of the incident in Guangdong, the association suggested that Mr. Wu to the relevant local departments. Reminder: tourists don’t be "cheap tour", "cotton" won the Liuzhou Association of the relevant person in charge, they recently received a number of "preferential Tour" complaints. Ms. Liao a friend in a jade shop in Zhuhai, spent 30 thousand yuan to buy 80 thousand yuan price bracelet. The array of "super low" tourism advertising, touched a lot of tourists. Especially in some shopping mall, the boss will first with the tourists "cotton", put the tourists as a "friend" or "family", but all but hidden behind the trick. Liuzhou Consumers Association to remind everyone to travel to pay attention to the following three points: first, to find a regular travel agency. "Low price" is often a small business with travel agencies. The public should try to choose the legal qualification of travel agencies. Signed a written contract, we must clear the transportation, accommodation, food and beverage services, shopping times and their own projects, etc.. Pay the fees should be remitted or exit deposit, the travel agency business account. Such as "tour guide" said first into a private account, and then help transfer, must be careful. Second, shopping malls, I would like to相关的主题文章: