Abnormal! In 18 small prediction warriors 21 this is planted.-申威1600

Abnormal! In 18 small prediction warriors 21 this is planted undercover? Listen, there are people more than you Beijing time on November 17th at 9 in the morning, the rest of the 3 days of the warriors will be away at toronto. This season the warriors although the performance is still brisk, but the team from Western Top clippers still have 2 wins gap. But while the warriors like the last season of conspicuous, the small but intelligent prediction precision is the same. Since November, small team forecast for the warriors 7 game results for 21 in 18, the hit rate as high as 85.7%, is sent undercover in the team around the general. [small hot state! Warrior Knight Rockets have predicted victory over Portland warriors] first of all we have to review since the warriors entered the November record, the team first in 2, with a 127-104 victory over Portland, Curitiba staged a single 23 magic show. Small 3 play red, had a good start for the November race. The warriors beat thunder 4 warriors in thunder home court challenge, Durant scored 39 points against his former club without mercy, warriors with 26 points advantage beat thunder. Deliver the goods three play small, no one missed. The warriors 5 warriors upset loss to the Lakers back-to-back against the Lakers, the curry 3 10 shots in 0, the team upset loss to the Lakers armed yongming. The battle of the big upset, sorry to hit, but by making the prediction we can also find the cannon is already on the cold warriors have to guard against, in addition the size of the ball also spoils. 3 days after the warriors beat the pelican warriors comeback, curry 13 record 3 points to create the NBA single game record, the warriors beat pelicans in 10 home court. The success of small rebound, let, the outcome and the size of all in three ways. A small warrior’s last 3 games to predict more brave warriors to find the feeling, have to beat the Mavericks 116-95, 125-101 win over the Nuggets, 1 games recently shot down 133-120 sun, cannon in the 3 game performance of the same sound, 9 play hit 7. In this small 7 game warriors in November, let the forecast 7 6 7 in 6, to predict the outcome, the size of forecast 7 6, the single hit rate was 85.7%. Visible, small for Warriors is how precise control. This is how one thing, is really small in the warriors side planted undercover? Small data model is certainly not small, but the precision is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. its "brain", not only in the field of NBA 20000+ with historical data, while also carrying millions of players, the team odds information quantitative model. The use of a variety of data models to build a decision system, exclusive algorithm throughput results. Strong data analysis ability, let it in the face of this popular team warriors overall data was ease. Tomorrow at 5 straight men will attack, and their desire to stop the tide of the Raptors will impact what kind of spark? James led the Cavaliers will also challenge the Pacers away, they can go back? As for the Rockets Haddon and Westbrook duel with the thunder.相关的主题文章: