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Soft adorable cute and delicious! Inventory of natural stay Meng sister natural stay this attribute in the role of the increasingly strong personality today, has become a rare resource". Natural stay does not mean that deliberately sell the adorable girl, but this adorable stay natural, the role is generally a little lack of common sense, which made everyone laugh at themselves do not know the circumstances, but also let the people around do not consciously produce a "want to protect her" "want to hug the thought of her. Is not very interested in it? Today, the mother penguin to introduce some lovely natural stay Meng sister! 1: seven years ("broken 3" projectile of despair, Akira Kana Hanazawa) seven Chiaki is just the end of the July "broken 3" projectile on despair in the role, she has a pink hair and eye color, the overall design is very lovely. She is seventy-seventh of the students hope to "peak academy, super university level game player, very good at playing various games, especially the spot for old and popular games, can be many times repeated clearance. Many people are very good at playing the game is not very good at socializing, seven Chiaki is such a person, because she believes that since it is game will have the Raiders, but the "three dimension" but did not follow the law. Seven very understanding of the knowledge of the game, but for some other common sense is very adorable, more obvious in this version of the game set in. However, the teacher in charge of the class, the teacher found her hidden snow hidden social skills, so she became the monitor, and told her that the game is fun to play with everyone. Then, take the class seven years to play the game, we quickly deepen the friendship. In this way, the seven personality super strong, super no collective sense of the whole class together. She also got the support and love from the class. 2: the real reason of vertebral ("destiny stone gate", Kana Hanazawa Akira) Shiina Mayuri is "one of the main roles of the fate of stone gate", she is the second grade school affiliated private flower shallow green university students, personality is very carefree, very natural stay, always smiling, speak slowly total, use "doodle Lulu ~" the language of addiction, self proclaimed "it’s by countedlong" is the. When you are with Shiina Mayuri, the feeling of time will slow down, the difficult things will become easy to solve, but when the tension around her, she will soon become depressed. Shiina Mayuri is a hostage to the, is also a member of the future props Institute LabMem No.002". In fact, she did not know what the gang in the study, but also do not understand his two remarks, but she felt as long as happy. However, although Shiina Mayuri is very natural to stay, but she is very sensitive to the sixth sense, the observation of things is strong, unexpectedly has a detective talent. Such a sister really makes people want to have a very protective feeling ah! But in the story she eerily in the fate of death, and countless times, countless times to save her, the result is deeper, the price is more and more big…… 3: Ibuki Fuko ("CLANNAD", voiced by Nonaka Ai) clannad is "CLANNAD"]相关的主题文章: