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Citroen plans to build a new C5  C6  the flagship high-tech and comfort – Guizhou Channel – original title: Citroen plans to create a new C5 C6 flagship high-tech and comfort according to the British car magazine autocar9 reported on 27 May, Citroen plans to re create the C5 and C6 models, new appearance will be more unique, the flagship high-tech and comfort. Citroen CEO Linda Jackson recently revealed that the company has been determined, said, "we are a mainstream brand, we have the ability to reverse the mainstream market has been formed. As a matter of fact, our clients hope so. How far can we go? Can we go to high-end brands? Yes. No matter what happens to market segmentation, we can do it, and in our own way". The new C5 and C6 not only have a unique design, but also will be equipped with a compact dashboard design, large touch screen and lounge front and rear seats. The Citroen Advanced Comfort program will also be key expected before the launch of the new large car market. The basic car uses a new suspension system, the ride comfort as the center of the whole car, while filtering out the noise outside. It also brings Citroen technical advantages, consolidate under the leadership of Jackson, another core brand value. (commissioning editor: Gao Hua (Intern), Chen Kangqing) 雪铁龙计划打造全新C5  C6 主打高科技与舒适性–贵州频道–人民网 原标题:雪铁龙计划打造全新C5 C6 主打高科技与舒适性 据英国汽车杂志autocar9月27日报道,雪铁龙计划重新打造C5与C6车型,全新外观将会更加独特,主打高科技与舒适性。 雪铁龙CEO 琳达 杰克逊不久前已透露公司决心,称,“我们是一个主流品牌,我们有能力扭转已成型的主流市场。实际上,我们的客户也希望如此。我们能走多远?我们能否走上高端品牌?是的。无论市场细分发生什么变化,我们能够做到,而且以我们自己的方式”。 新款C5与C6不仅拥有独特的外观设计,而且将配备设计简洁的仪表盘,大型触摸屏以及休息室般的前后座椅。雪铁龙Advanced Comfort程序也将是关键,预期在新款大型车上市之前推出。该程序基本款轿车采用全新悬挂系统,将驾乘舒适性作为全车的中心,同时过滤掉外界的噪声。这也带给雪铁龙技术上的优势,夯实了杰克逊领导下的另一个核心品牌价值。 (责编:高华(实习生)、陈康清)相关的主题文章: