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In 2015 China’s student funding for the first time exceeded 150 billion yuan — Education — August 25 Beijing Xinhua (reporter He Yingchun) reporter learned today from the Ministry of education, 2015 Chinese student financial assistance funds continue to maintain growth momentum, the first time exceeded 150 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 10%; free textbooks, nutrition subsidy funds reached 45 billion yuan. In 2015, the national total funded pre-school education, compulsory education, secondary vocational school, high school and college students (children) 84 million 333 thousand and 110 people (not including compulsory education free textbooks and Nutrition Dietary Supplement), and basically the same as the previous year; funded a total amount of 156 billion 25 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13 billion 897 million yuan, an increase of 9.78%. Since 2007, China’s efforts to build a national student financial aid policy system, funding for nine consecutive years to maintain rapid growth. According to the standard college tuition adjustment and Reform in postgraduate tuition system fully implemented, China’s increased focus on college students especially graduate student aid efforts, effectively reducing the economic burden of the family. 2015 college funding growth: National Student Loans 5 billion 287 million yuan more than last year, an increase of 31.66%; National Graduate Scholarships, academic scholarships, graduate three help over the previous year increased 5 billion 43 million yuan, 3 billion 136 million yuan, 749 million yuan. It is also reported that, in 2015, at all levels of financial arrangements for the national compulsory free textbook funds 16 billion 296 million yuan, of which the central government budget of $10 billion 965 million, local finance of $5 billion 331 million, the benefit of primary and secondary school students in compulsory education, 124 million. Local financial arrangements at all levels of local free textbooks funds 2 billion 408 million yuan, the benefit of compulsory education for primary and secondary school students of 56 million 979 thousand. The Ministry of education, 2015, the 699 national pilot county units (including 19 farms) about 89 thousand schools funded student nutrition improvement plan, about 21 million 112 thousand and 100 people, the central budget year dietary subsidies 20 billion 56 million yuan (including local and national pilot pilot); 25 provinces to carry out nutrition improvement plan of local pilot work in 720 counties, covering about 45 thousand of the school, students about 11 million 230 thousand and 600 people, the local financial arrangements for meals subsidies 6 billion 299 million yuan. In accordance with the requirements of the establishment of the public financial system, China’s financial aid for students to form a government investment, supplemented by schools and social donations to supplement the funding pattern. 2015 student funding, a total of 105 billion 185 million yuan of financial investment (excluding free textbooks and nutritional food subsidies), an increase of $6 billion 242 million over the previous year, an increase of 6.31%. Fiscal funds accounted for 67.42% of the funds (including free textbooks and nutrition food subsidies), financial investment is the main source of funding for the national student funding, the government has played a leading role. College student loans 22 billion yuan, an increase of over 31%. School and social assistance funds 28 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of nearly 9%. (commissioning editor: he Yingchun,)相关的主题文章: