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Tibet’s first inter provincial highway and environmental protection "peer" – Beijing, China News Agency, Lhasa, September 23 (Yang Chengchen) China 318 National Highway from Linzhi to Lhasa highway (the linla Road) reconstruction project is located in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the ecological environment is fragile, as Tibet’s first inter provincial highway part, also is the Sixth Central Tibet work forum to determine the development of major projects, the environmental restoration work by the parties concerned since the start. Currently, close to Linzhi and Lhasa, the two phase of the first phase of the project was put into use in 2015, and the construction cost is higher, more difficult to build the four phase of the project is still under construction in two. According to reports, the whole road project will be completed in 2018. Laura Lin Road section Mimo command deputy chief engineer Wei Ren admitted 23 days to accept China News Agency reporters interview, how to build quality, on-time completion without damage, less disturb the ecological environment is the key, the difficulty of engineering. "To Mimo section as an example, the total investment of highway construction greening project was 189 million yuan (RMB, same below), accounting for 6% of the construction contract price." Ren Wei said that the project line selection, in order to minimize the destruction of the original terrain, ground for the principle. To avoid and reduce the damage, avoid demolition of township water conservancy facilities, selection of bridge position as far as possible in the River straight and stable area, will maximize the production and life of the residents along the impact to a minimum. He mentioned that, therefore, there are 14 kilometers of a total of three sections of the line deliberately bypassing the sea buckthorn forest areas. "Laura Lin for alpine meadow vegetation along, the construction units will move on to stack, turf maintenance, road construction after re fill complex." September, a number of officials of the autonomous region of Tibet, a series of visits to the forest road, are required for its environmental protection measures. The 7 day, took office less than half of the district Party committee secretary Wu Yingjie Mira came to the mountain tunnel construction site. He said, respect for nature, comply with nature, protect nature, implement the most stringent environmental protection system in the process of project construction, vigorously implement ecological construction, protect the snow covered plateau mountains, every tree and bush. The 13 day, the District People’s Congress Padma choling rate inspection group to Mimo soil field investigation section. As the construction of the environmental impact of a large ring, Bemachi Lin believes that the Tibet ecological fragile, vegetation restoration ability, soil field through the EIA report and the relevant units for approval to start, but also to formulate good follow-up environmental restoration scheme. With the local villagers to establish a communication mechanism, near the village to build a sound barrier, silicon core pipe reserved for optical fiber cable…… Highway builders in the plateau, it is necessary to protect the environment from the integration of the environment. All kinds of highway in Tibet and dealing with decades of deputy director of the Tibet Autonomous Region Department of transportation Wei Qiang said: "we used to say" man "is the road, must adapt to the natural right now." Public data shows, linla road is the "national highway network planning (2013? 2030)" in the part of high speed, the total length of 398 kilometers, cost 32 billion 900 million yuan, after the completion of the two original commuting time in half. "This is the real meaning of the Tibet in the second high-grade highways." Wei Qiang, continued to refer to the district相关的主题文章: