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Unforgettable "Jasmine" reproduce the classic National Concert "dialect version" – Sohu entertainment beautiful jasmine Sohu entertainment wonderful hall performances, sharp new ideas clash…… Beijing satellite TV "heritage of Chinese image" since its launch, with a unique style of the program becomes a topic of hot friends. Broadcast on Sunday’s show, this "boom" continues: singer Lei Jia recreates the "unforgettable Jasmine" this classic songs, and brought the various versions of the "Jasmine", "the most Chinese" music led the audience sympathy, also sparked online on the dialect version of jasmine the creation of frenzy; from the Tianjin Acrobatic Troupe "men" skills, not only makes the program launched a discussion on the inheritance of acrobatics, is in the period after the broadcast has become a hot topic, users have a message like to comment: "not only have ‘pulse root’, observers and the Youth League is really too hard!" Lei Jia sang "Jasmine" unforgettable "craze triggered the creation of meeting you, the moonlight aloof, fall in love with you, fragrance in my yi……" In the past the G20 summit art show, the young singer Lei Jia’s song "unforgettable Jasmine" sing the whole world. On the stage of "the Chinese image of the inheritors" on Sunday, Lei Jia appeared in a black dress, to reproduce the style of the song. Folk songs into the western opera taste, folk song "Jasmine" of the audience for having heard it many times more than a grand and magnificent, the audience applauded the collective. Interestingly, Lei Jia also opened a "Song conference", sang the various versions of the "Jasmine", northeast words and Hebei dialect version version…… The familiar melody due to different folk style and interpretation of a different kind of taste, Ming Fan can not help but sing opera version of "Jasmine". From the new "unforgettable Jasmine" to a variety of dialect version of "Jasmine", the interpretation of Lei Jia let the audience spellbound. After the broadcast, "unforgettable Jasmine" quickly became a hot topic in the network, the audience said that for the first time this song is so touching and more netizens for "Jasmine" dialect version expressed surprise: "it can sing this song!" Some netizens also joined the "Jasmine" adaptation action, dialect version of "Jasmine" all are created, Hunan dialect and Wuhan dialect version, version Shanghai version, the song "Jasmine" gave birth to countless memorable flower dialect "Jasmine". Observers and the Youth League as "pulse Chinese acrobatics acrobatics" status lead users attention "unforgettable Jasmine" triggered a netizen "creative hot", the Tianjin acrobatic troupe brings the performances of "snow border" then let the audience into a lively discussion. The circus performers will "push" stunt perfect, thrilling aerial somersault that Zhu Dan did not dare to look at her eyes said. This acrobatic performances into the gymnastics, diving, skating and other movements, such innovation has been unanimously recognized by observers, Ming Fan is shouting, this is a gold level performance". However, behind the wonderful performances, Chinese acrobatics are faced with the difficult situation, "difficult to recruit acrobats", "young people do not.相关的主题文章: