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"Space travelers" propaganda fiery cousin yiyanbuge from black Tencent entertainment news by Star Jazz Chris · parattah and big cousin Oscar winner Jennifer · starring Laurence’s annual science fiction adventure movie "Passengers" (tentative translation of "space traveler") on December 21st officially landed in North america. Recently, the two stars bring film landing the famous American talk show "the Alan show" exhibition funny character, two people claiming "no chemical reaction" caused the audience laugh. The global publicity work in full swing, China is also expected to introduce. Laurence on "Alan parattah bring film show" funny than the site with "broke up each other" space travelers will be released in the Christmas stalls, two stars also began nonstop global publicity, Chris · and Jennifer · Laurence; parattah; to join the famous American talk show "the Alan show" big cousin, as 90 the new generation actress, not only live true, careless outspoken personality made her ring powder constantly; xingjue is a name two funny forced not to stick at trifles, but understanding, from the black evil, full of funny material. A xingjue dubbed as the male version of "Jennifer · Laurence", he said "this is not any good!" "Big cousin, bluntly, look again overwhelmed by an unexpected favour" package on the line, but also exposes in the studio, so every day I call what time it was, Alan had won two of the most exposed chatter award. Two people are more generous share behind the scenes, xingjue contracted all effects, in order to create a space in a 75 pound weight loss effect of space suit hanging wire, more show naked into battle strong muscles, causing a scene of screaming. The crew in order to caring for the two men made cosmetic facial mold, big cousin is quipped "who don’t want to die face ah!". The funny than two fit together "space travelers", the chemical reaction many fans can’t wait to see between two people, the film is also looking forward to of the burst table. Look at the face of the party for the movie play out "space travelers" detonated fans expect recently, the exposure of a series of promotional materials, you can get a glimpse of the production team full of sincerity. Chris · parattah will meet fans in Mexico also spare no effort in the film praise, "space travelers" is the best in world cinema. Big cousin and xingjue is for the first time with the box, two much color value for many to see the face of the party have to point praise, global fans can not help but look forward to the male god goddess with mutual whirlwind acting. Early in April this year, two people attended the CinemaCon film preview, had tweeted a hot. The audience said, "they kissed!" "The whole scene seems unbelievable, some fans ridicule the funny than two together may be more interesting than positive scenes". It is reported that the film "space travelers" tells the story of Chris · and Jennifer · parattah; the two space tourist Laurence’s ride in a spaceship to another planet to start a new life, because of a fatal accident that they had 90 years of being awake, two.相关的主题文章: