Canada is only suspended in response to Gao Xiaosong partners – Sohu broadcast entertainment program 特命战队go busters

Canada, Gao Xiaosong responded: Partners program only suspended broadcast entertainment   – Sohu; Canadian Tourism Bureau response event Sohu entertainment programs off the air for 26 days, announced that stopped the Gao Xiaosong Winfrey show. The 27 day, Gao Xiaosong issued a document that is due to the relevant departments to show off the Air Canada blocked. The 28 day, and issued a document called the Canadian Tourism Bureau to put pressure on the broadcast platform by sponsors, to show off the air. In this regard, the Canadian Tourism Bureau administrative micro-blog today (29 days) issued a response to Gao Xiaosong said, they belong to the partners, hope that the program in Canada propaganda. So propose amendments. Canada’s Tourism Bureau, Fang Fawen, said: "the show’s Canadian album is a Chinese travel company recommended to the Canadian Tourism Bureau and signed a cooperation with us." In addition, the Canadian Tourism Bureau also said, hoping to put the center on the destination of publicity, but also the original intention of cooperation. Therefore, the proposed amendments, due to the longer communication time to suspend the broadcast program. The Canadian Tourism Bureau responded: in order to better promote and tourism development, to provide a full range of the growing number of outbound tourists China Canada travel information, the Canadian Tourism Bureau in recent years in content marketing innovation and continue to increase investment. On the basis of homemade video program "traveling around Canada", we also actively cooperate with Chinese tourism enterprises and media. The Canadian album of the show was recommended by a Chinese travel company to the Canadian Tourism Bureau and signed with us. Prior to the start of the cooperation, the Tourism Bureau conducted a detailed communication between the content of the program and the producers. As a destination promotion agency, we hope that the program can focus on the promotion of the destination, which is our intention to participate in the program cooperation. These have been understood and confirmed by the producers. The first cooperation program on August 19th broadcast on the video website, has received very good results, but also enhance the confidence of our partners. In the producer to send us a preview of the follow-up program, we only focus on the contents of the second phase of the proposed amendments. Due to the business cooperation partners in communication over a long period of time, resulting in the second phase of the program to suspend the broadcast, hoping to get everyone to understand. We are still in communication with the parties, looking forward to be able to follow the original intention to bring you four high-quality programs, so that we have a better understanding of Canada’s rich tourism resources.相关的主题文章: