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Article 1 "decryption The Belt and Road Wine contest – Sohu and Micro said: the 6 day countdown! "The Belt and Road international Wine contest, you get the electronic tickets? In the "The Belt and Road national strategy, Belgium Brussels international wine competition international platform, Chinese Wine huge consumer market, Fangshan District high-end Wine industry development plan to promote the four key factors, 2016" The Belt and Road "Wine international competition emerges. The Wine game covered "The Belt and Road along the country, mainly in the Asia Pacific, extending Europe, overall the sample covers more than 30 countries and regions. Collection of entries 1000 models. Invite domestic and foreign well-known experts Wine 60 people to do the judges, including foreign experts 50 people, including Pedro, Alan Griffith, Tao Lesi, Sarah Jane Li Zhiyan and many other masters, and competition to ensure the authority, fairness, justice. "The Belt and Road international Wine contest will be officially opened in Beijing city of Fangshan District in October 10, 2016. Contest entries covering the Belt and Road Initiative along more than 30 countries and regions. The highest level of international wine competition. With the theme of the forum, master lecture, producing forum 44 games during the contest, more international boutique winery Wine Expo will be held in the same period. "Hosting the site The Belt and Road international Wine contest you know? The main venue of the competition is located in the beautiful scenery of Fangshan lake, is a newly completed set of leisure vacation, sightseeing and conference functions in a hotel. A complete set of facilities and convenient transportation will attract a large number of visitors. What is the basic situation of Fangshan wine producing area in the contest? This "The Belt and Road international Wine contest hosted by Fangshan District. Fangshan District is a new wine producing area in Beijing, which has developed into a high quality wine producing area with great potential in a short period of time. Ryan Fort winery is one of Fangshan District representative, is from the city recently Fangshan winery. Ryan fort on Wine quality in grape planting and brewing a huge investment, the Wine won many international awards. Ryan fort is suitable for cultivation of some Chinese producing climate grape varieties. Located in the square of the vineyards and grapes Avenue is to build high-quality high-end wine industry in Fangshan, as well as an important measure to enhance the tourism industry. Dan Shihong, the year and other wineries in Fangshan District concentrated in this area. How beautiful is the contest? The main venue for the competition has been completed in September 15th as a whole. During the construction of various professional groups, hard work, to create a pleasant scenery, high quality venues. Competition will also invite experts to carry out the "world class Wine international Wine Masters Forum, The Belt and Road Chateau wine development forum", "L tailored fashionable professional venues". Many high quality seminars will be held here. These in the main venue and style have a unique style of container is used to do what? You may have guessed that the opening of the October 10 competition.相关的主题文章: