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Glory 8 landing New York fashion week cross-border fashion highlights the power of the product – Sohu technology from September 7th to 15, the spring and summer of New York Fashion Week kicked off. The biggest feature of the new fashion week is the first to set up a special performance in China, and invited the Beijing foundation for Contemporary Art (BCAF) as a partner. In addition to China Foundation invited the folk art revival of representative enterprises "summer wood (Summerwood)" in the fashion week, but also with the glory of the annual flagship new glory 8 reached a strategic cooperation. Glory 8 to work together to honor the V8 landed in New York fashion week, the glory of the brand has become the only one in New York fashion week debut of the domestic mobile phone brand. With the foundation of the glory of 8 reached a strategic cooperation and can visit the New York fashion week, on the one hand, that the Chinese electronic products as clothing as the growing influence of global consumers, glory in recent years in the global mobile phone fame, this is due to the early start internationalization strategy; on the other hand, also means that the product is Chinese manufacturing gradually improve the global scope, thanks to each Chinese product quality, brand reputation, accumulated product. The product force is the attraction of the product, which is the ability of the product to attract the target population. Each product has three independent core: driving force, imagination and influence, the core of the three can be different from the point of view of the target and the group has a certain attraction. You can talk about the glory of 8 can be landed in New York fashion week, it is a direct manifestation of the power of their products. Below, I take glory 8 as an example, separately from the three independent core product force analysis. The driving force of sustainable development: to improve the user experience, product value guidance target audience products driving force is generally through the regression and guide the value of the product, to adapt to people’s inertia, resulting in a certain attraction to the target consumer group. In addition to each product has its own characteristics to attract consumers, and constantly improve the user experience is also an important factor. The creation of a summer wood brand manual Chinese native linen fabric based on itself has the national characteristics. The rise of the summer wood brand more because it improves the user experience through innovation, make the traditional craft products become fashionable, making its products to highlight the value of nature can lead to multiple audiences, especially foreign consumers. Among them, the research and development of user experience, the driving force of the product. The value and appeal of mobile phone products lies in its technology and continuous improvement of product experience. If the product is immutable, is not distinguished from the user groups, is certainly unpopular. Lack of research and development has not been constantly updated experience, in fact, is the lack of product drivers, naturally unable to attract consumers. For the glory of mobile phone, R & D and innovation is the first. Of course, innovation is not just the product itself, in order to allow users to have a better experience, the brand marketing is also indispensable. Glory cross many of the top IP and events, in 2016 to become the world’s top FISE sports tour of the top sponsor, help Germany’s latest obstacle race Xletix, and cross-border Kung Fu Panda and]相关的主题文章: