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Private custom tea will certainly be good? Not always! Sohu and review: in recent years, between Pu’er Tea lovers, to find or create your own "Tea House tea" the wind. Many friends are willing to in the tea party took out a few mysterious collection to share with you, then, this "private custom" is really worthy of the name? The origin of many tea making private tea, mostly for the printing of selling tea "aroused dissatisfaction after". However, the impulse does not make their professional skills to get instant growth, there is false information, shoddy situation in Yunnan tea area of many well-known villages, no real professional recognition ability, thought in origin, drink to buy must be authentic tea, it is only a kind of hope. What is more, some fancier from picking fresh leaves to full supervision of tea production, but often careless in a tiny part of the tea was the substitution of negligence. Although this is an extreme case, but the actual frequency is not low. Tea tea tea in small batch purchase area, industry and professional acquisition of raw materials, the bargaining power is a significant difference. As farmers, and professional operators to form a long-term stable relationship between supply and demand than will be sold to the scattered tea tourism fit more cost-effective, trying to buy directly at the origin to achieve the purpose of "genuine goods at a fair price" is not realistic. In fact, many of the so-called private tea producers made tea, and not just private drinking, but also to be sold through the circle of friends. They entered the tea area, production process and quality, ecological concerns are often not tea tea, but busy and the tea, tea and tea making Wang Shu "different process" photo". The day after using these photos and a "story", to assist the private tea sales. This obviously already deviated from the path of tea. Map: South Ming beauty 2016 Mann ancient tea "Xinlong songs" for tea, really want to drink tea or to quality, by mastering the identification ability of adequate training, can clearly distinguish the true quality of purchased tea; or they find enough to trust industry, trust the professional ability and business ethics, as the quality of the product to guarantee the trust. This method now in the chaos of the tea market is clearly more operable. If you have more knowledge of tea need advice, please add the South Beauty Tea tea room, a tea taster red to individual number: dydy280 (long press copy) the exchange of learning. This article appeared in the classic pu’er. Concerned about the number of love to say tea: aishuocha (long press copy) of tea, you can know here. To select the original article recommended: "the six major irritant who more? What kind of tea do you fit in? "" minority "tea" was unique to Yunnan, have you tried? "Everyone’s tea is different, do you know why? "相关的主题文章: