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Jia Yueting in the end how much money? – reporter Lu Xiao reported in Beijing from Shanxi Yuanqu to San Francisco, from the town of Jia Yueting out of the youth has become a star of the internet. But on the other side is the grand story of ecological layout, while it is often questioned the funding chain. And Jia Yueting in November 6th in an open letter to the music as the capital chain crisis recognition, but also let him and he founded a star company into a series of negative crisis. This is not the first time Jia Yueting and his music suffered the crisis, it will not be the last time. But when the sale of feelings and brainwashing ecological philosophy has not been able to move against investors, Jia Yueting and music, as he said in an open letter by the waves swallowed up or will the sea boil? Chinese good students in the supply chain crisis 10 days after exposure, Jia Yueting from his circle of acquaintances as the music as the car got the first $600 million investment. The afternoon of November 15th, Hailanjituan, Hengxing group, Yihua group, USI Holdings Group, green group, diving more than a dozen domestic enterprises or the boss and formally signed the first period as the holding $300 million investment agreement. These entrepreneurs have a common identity, that is, they are Jia Yueting in the Yangtze River Business School students. According to "China Times" reporter, November 14th, Hailan Group Chairman Zhou Jianping led investment negotiations with LETV, after two days of the two sides reached a formal agreement on investment. Zhou Jianping at the signing ceremony, said: we have six classes in the same class commissioned me to negotiate with the music as the project. After two days of negotiations, we represent the class delineation of a $600 million investment, which by the end of November to December to $300 million." He also said that in mid December before the first phase of investment will be fully in place. The green man Wah holdings, group of listed companies dramatically has announced, announced that the company was not involved in the investment LETV, music as the official on the evening of November 15th also said in a statement, USI holdings chairman Huang Minli, green group chairman Liu Dianbo CEO investment LETV students is optimistic about the prospects for the full trust and Jia Yueting and ecological innovation model based on Department of non-listed company, personal investment, investment parameters. November 6th, Jia Yueting admitted in an open letter, found behind the company is a cold sea. He said in the letter, in recent months, the supply chain pressure surge, coupled with consistent with financial problems in the development of LeEco, leading to supply chain tension, the continued development of the mobile phone business impact. But before and after the open letter, a series of negative news music as follow. After LETV shares in the stock market has been traced to fall out of 13, LETV suppliers owed billions of money, investment LETV FF (Faraday future) in the U.S. state of Nevada, the plant has been shut down 4 billion 800 million yuan set by cannot be completed in 2016 and followed the genuine and fake news, will LETV and Jia Yueting pushed in the teeth of the storm. The latest question comes from Schwarzer, Nevada’s finance minister. In an interview with the domestic media, he questioned the music is a Ponzi?相关的主题文章: