11.68-17.78 KIA kx3 officially listed on sale (video) dnf商人吧

The sale of 11.68-17.78 million new KIA KX3 officially listed on the front, Dongfeng Yueda KIA (micro-blog) officially announced the new KIA KX3 officially listed, the new car will only provide 1.6L 1.6T two power configuration of the two drive a total of six models, the price range of 11.68-17.78 million yuan. Detailed price table below: the new KIA KX3 guidance price models price (yuan) 1.6L 6MT11.681.6L proud proud of the wind wind 6AT12.681.6L 6AT14.081.6L proud of Ya Ya 7DCT15.281.6T 6AT15.481.6T proud proud proud statue statue of young 7DCT17.78 positioning drive of Dongfeng Yueda KIA KX3 platform as modified models, the new KX3 is mainly aimed at the front part of optimized design, the front grille size further more, headlight internal structure adjustment. In addition, the car will be the front fog lamp and LED daytime running lights are integrated in the front bumper on both sides, the visual effect is more concise. The interior, the new KX3 is mainly aimed at the front part of optimized design remains the KIA family design style, black interior with red stitching and red trim collocation create fashion and sports interior interior atmosphere. The console is equipped with 7 inches screen, UI design and interface is relatively simple, with Bluetooth phone, car navigation, reversing images and other functions. Configuration, body stability system, automatic headlights, steering wheel to adjust the four functions are equipped with the new KX3. In addition, it is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof, front seat ventilation, heated seats and steering wheel heating function, help to improve the ride comfort. Power, the new KX3 canceled the 2.0L and 4WD models, will only provide 1.6L 1.6T two power configuration two drive. The gearbox and the current model, 1.6L, 6MT and 6AT transmission, 1.6T only provides 7 speed dual clutch gearbox.相关的主题文章: