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Japanese Prime Minister Abe a number of cabinet members suspected of using "blank invoices" – International – people.com.cn original title: Japanese Prime Minister Abe a number of cabinet members suspected of using "blank invoices" pictures of Japanese media reported 7, Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s cabinet members over alleged use of "blank invoices" to fill in the expenditure of money, this practice was the opposition questioned. According to a survey of the Japanese Communist Party Secretary of the Secretary Akira Koike, suspected of using "blank invoices" includes three main members of the cabinet, are the Chief Cabinet Secretary Jian Yiwei, defense minister Inada Tomomi and Minister of internal affairs takaichi. It is worth mentioning that, as early as the city of Inada Tomomi and Gao Miao two female politicians are Yasukuni regulars". According to Akira Koike said, these three people to participate in political fund-raising activities, collect "blank invoices" from the organizers, and then arbitrarily fill in the expenditure amount, in violation of the "political capital law" the relevant provisions of regulation. Investigation of balance of the Communist Party of Japan Fund Management Group "of Inada Tomomi’s friends beauty group" 2012 to 2014 found that there were 260 invoices are the same person’s handwriting to fill in, a total of about 5 million 200 thousand yen (about 337 thousand yuan). In addition, Kan Yi Wei and takaichi fund management groups also have the same problem. Among them, Kan Yi Wei fund management group "blank invoices" a total of 270, a total of 18 million 750 thousand yen (about 1 million 220 thousand yuan). According to Akira Koike proposed "blank invoices" statement, the three officers involved members of the cabinet are to be recognized. However, they argue that this is the conventional approach, there is no problem. According to Inada Tomomi’s argument, there are hundreds of similar activities to participate in, the organizers did not have time to fill out the invoice for the participants, so send them blank invoices to fill in their own. However, this argument does not seem to quell public opinion. Some Japanese media questioned, is the use of blank invoices has become officials of common sense? This is not the first time Andouble cabinet into a political capital scandal. In 2014, the then environment minister Mochizuki Yoshio’s political capital group "Mochizuki Yoshio club" also was suspected of illegal record payments. At that time, his political capital group in New Year message exchange activities for the name list of about 6 million 600 thousand yen (about 430 thousand yuan) expenditure, actually should be other activities for backup "communication fee". (Xinhua Zhang Jing College (ZTS) commissioning editor Yang Mu and Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: