Oral I love tour pal abstinence, for I am in charge of caxa实体设计

Oral: I love to tour pal abstinence, for I am responsible for I am a girl with no ambition at all the greatest ideal, is to play, I told mom and dad said, 20 years of my life before I listen to your arrangements, no objection; by the age of 20, I want to live their life, please you also don’t interfere. That’s what I said. At the age of 20, I left home and began to work while traveling. After the road, the vision of the open let me become calm down. I think every year in time to be familiar with, then such a province is a province passed along slowly, watching the scenery, enjoy different local customs and practices. Did not expect to get fifth in my province, is 25 years old this year, I met Zhou Mingchuan, as we have the same tour pal, travel intention, and I also like to go to the motherland’s Sichuan mountains, so we started together. All the way down, needing inevitably produce feelings. He envied me my Mandarin, will brace overalls looks good, I also love his lively character, and his generous heart. We have no love, but in a continuous rainy night, we are immersed in the warm arms of each other. I am innocent girl, no any experience. The clumsy movement in the bed was discovered by the wise man, and a hint of red on the sheet of paper confirmed his guess that I was a complete innocent woman. Let this be startled at he said, Ming Chuan, as a five year veteran of the tourism tour pal you don’t have any, the stain is really commendable. He also said that we meet by chance, maybe someday accidentally we will disappear in front of each other, even if the intimate contact, is mostly just a night style. But you are a strong willed innocent woman, the most precious chastity to me, I will be responsible for you. Be my girl friend, okay? Ming Chuan words is what I want, in fact, the first thing he saw, I fell in love with him. Just afraid that his heart does not care about me, did not dare to speak. And the relationship between Ming and Sichuan, I can no longer move. Just like that sentence, I am a kite you are a line, no matter where I go, you are the end of my return. I know that my love is the end of the heart and bosom. With him, I suddenly wanted to settle down, can see him every day, and talk to him, make soup for his hands, like my mom and Dad that way of life, this is my ultimate pursuit. He advised us to stop. He said it would give him time to prepare for our wedding. Now, I have a very happy and happy day. I am very pleased that after five years of travel, let me find The imprint is engraved on my heart. love. I want to thank my duty and discipline – – and if the first night of Ming Chuan, I’m not innocent, then we would have missed, will not get to the fate of each other. I also want to thank my vigorous heart, it encourages me to travel and love meet by chance, have it all today so I feel warm and happy! Article source (Ya Qingni’s blog) more exciting content, please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: