Men over excited mood by the police found the drug was detained for 3 days 特命战队go busters

Men over excited mood by the police found the drug was detained for 3 days because of business people and friends in conflict, Jingmen man Yang rushed to Shiyan for its "appearances", the result because the mood is too excited to arouse the attention of the police, after a urine test was found in drug administrative detention for 3 days. 13, 8 pm, Yunyang District Bao Xia said police received a public warning, some people rioted in a local Turquoise shop. The police immediately went to the disposal, the understanding of Zhang Jingzhou, 2 days in the shop to buy 50 thousand yuan of turquoise, suspected that the purchase of turquoise are defective, again in 12 to the store clerk and after negotiations, although the quality of turquoise were identified, but the two sides still disagree, because the words are part of conflict. Zhang felt Wohuo, then the night invited friends to help". That night, 8 social workers rushed to Xiangyang from Jingmen, Bao Xia Zhen, Zhang "up the scene". On the morning of the 13 day, the two sides had a verbal conflict again in the shop. The police organization parties mediation failed, then the relevant personnel to verify the identity of the police station, in order to further investigation, mediation. Because the people involved over excited mood, the police then conducted a urine test for a few people, found a 20 year old man with Yang’s urine test was positive. In the face of the urine test results, Yang confessed drug facts. Yang said, he knows the harm of drugs, has been far away from drugs, but 10 in a birthday party, because of the help of others can not help the lobby to take drugs, did not expect to be seized by the police in Shiyan. The police quickly carried out the investigation of illegal drugs in view of Yang, Yang Department of the first drug, a minor, the Yunyang District Public Security Bureau award, given Yang 3 days of administrative detention punishment according to law. On the other hand, after the coordination of the police, both sides of the sale Turquoise agreed to identify the turquoise again, according to the identification results to be processed again. Scan code "big Chu Shiyan", see more wonderful content!

男子情绪过分激动被民警查出吸毒 现被拘留3日朋友因生意与人发生冲突,荆门男子杨某连夜赶到十堰为其“撑门面”,结果因情绪过分激动引起民警的注意,经尿检被查出吸毒,被行政拘留3日。13日8时许,郧阳区鲍峡派出所接到群众报警称,有人在当地一家绿松石店闹事。民警立即前往处置,经了解荆州人张某2日在这家商店购买了5万元的绿松石,因怀疑所购买绿松石有瑕疵,于12日再次到店与店员交涉,后虽然就绿松石品质进行了鉴定,但双方还是存在异议,因言语冲突不欢而散。张某觉得窝火,便连夜邀请朋友来“帮忙”。当晚,8名社会人员从荆门、襄阳等地赶到鲍峡镇,为张某“撑场面”。13日一早,双方在商店里再次发生了言语冲突。民警组织买卖双方当事人调解未果,遂将相关人员带到派出所核实身份,以便进一步调查、调解。因涉事人员情绪过分激动,民警遂对几人进行了尿检,发现其中一名20岁男子杨某的尿检呈阳性。面对尿检结果,杨某承认了他吸食毒品的事实。杨某说,他深知毒品危害,一直以来都远离毒品,但10日在参加一个生日宴会时,因禁不住他人游说吸食了毒品,没想到在十堰被警方查获。民警迅速对杨某吸毒的违法行为进行了调查,鉴于杨某系首次吸毒、情节轻微,经郧阳区公安分局裁决,依法给予杨某行政拘留3日的处罚。另一方面,经过民警的协调,买卖绿松石双方约定再次对绿松石进行鉴定,根据鉴定结果再作处理。 扫码“大楚十堰”,查看更多精彩内容!相关的主题文章: