Jiangmen parents attention! The Mid Autumn Festival holiday 4 children lost in East Lake Park fifa14下载

Jiangmen parents attention! Mid Autumn Festival holidays, 4 children lost in East Lake Park Day (15 day) occurred in East Lake Park, on-site traffic and noisy environment, many parents only take pictures or low hair WeChat playing mobile phones. Accidentally, 4 children lost in the East Lake Park, these 4 children were boys, but fortunately all the children were successfully recovered. This year’s Mid Autumn Festival holiday weather comfort, many people live with children to go out to play, can take pictures, playing, parents should pay more attention to the safety of children. According to the reporter, in September 15th, the Mid Autumn Festival, only East Lake police station police station east district police station, has received 4 children lost police situation, but fortunately the last successful recovery of the child. According to the East police station on duty police Zhang Hanqiang introduced, 4 children lost the police were handled by them, of which two were after the alarm, parents in the park security assistance found, and the other two were Zhang Hanqiang and colleagues found together. The four boys were boys, aged 5 and above. In September 15th, 15 Xu, for example, Zhang Hanqiang City Public Security Bureau 110 instructions said, a 5 year old boy with his family from Qingyuan to Jiangmen to play, after East Lake Park and family lost more than two hours. After receiving the report, Zhang Hanqiang rushed to the park, eventually in the park at the water pool will find the boy. 20 pm the same day, another is 5 year old boy, and mother took a walk on the square in East Lake lost, after Zhang hanqiang at 21 PM will find the boy. "These 4 police circumstances, in fact, the child is not far away, to East Lake square of the mother and child, for example, when the child was found in fact only go away hundreds of meters, but the scene of large traffic flow and noisy environment." Zhang Hanqiang said, in the vicinity of East Lake Park patrol, see many parents only take pictures or low hair WeChat playing mobile phones, and children naturally active, parents will be very easy to ignore the child and lost, thus, to remind parents to pay attention to children.