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The 5 year old seedlings of chick nutrition breakfast diary 9.26 (stay-at-home mom morning) – Sohu maternal mother nagging Miao thank you reading my words, although I do not have the exquisite tableware, not rhetoric, often Tucao breakfast "Yan value is low, but I still keep a record of the state, because it is my real life, I do not cater to the who, just an ordinary breakfast records of the family of three, I want to convey the idea of not wobble or other, but collocation and nutrition, also hope to bring inspiration to more families; a ground gas child nutritionist is my beginning heart, but I still want to say, nutrition is not the ultimate goal of happiness is a happy day, starting with breakfast, the whole family together to eat comfortable breakfast is my understanding of the most simple happiness ~ nagging mother seedlings: Every day in the morning and the morning are similar, busy, can do down and rest, then work is busy preparing lessons or today issued such a micro-blog and a circle of friends. #… Mom breakfast # seedling alarm clock in the 5:30, plans to go running, I rang is pressed, then sleep again, open the 6:08 a few minutes, tangled, do not run? 6:15 get up, dress, wash, eat cereal, warm up, went out… Run way to the market, 7:20 only at home, home to see Miao Miao in the paint on the table for breakfast, 7:40 ~8:20 Miao Xiaoniu to school, now finished cleaning, processed messages and other important things, start a day of work…… # stay-at-home mom morning # micro-blog always express full ~ in fact I have a lot of no nagging end, breakfast today’s diary then Lao Lao ~ spots "Miao mother signs share breakfast breakfast feedback yesterday, a buddy to follow today, and again that I recommend pumpkin oat rice paste red dates drink ~ not modest to say that the rice paste I have self styled" Miao mother sign "rice paste ~ ha ha, sincerely recommend to you, a lot of treasure mom tried very well, is our breakfast table frequency High rice paste practices can be seen here "children’s diets recommended: five rice paste big run (Miao Ma)" 5 year old Miao Xiaoniu and the family breakfast breakfast today (September 27, 2016): the content of staple food (buy) Clay oven rolls dishes: lettuce, carrot + mix lettuce leaves Dried tofu: millet porridge: walnut and other Soybean Milk grape edible egg + number: 2 adults and 1 children aged 5; time: 20 minutes making process: the first night I put the lettuce leaf lettuce, wash, peel the carrots on the fresh-keeping bag, put the refrigerator, early I hit on Soybean Milk, then go running back, after boiling water, water after the first boiled lettuce leaves, then Boiled Egg; then Soybean Milk poured out, cut vegetables, fried vegetables, fresh lettuce leaves, all kinds of food on the table for ~7:2 0 to -7:40 on the table; and then let Miao Xiaoniu eat, I quickly take a shower; 8:20 send baby to kindergarten, kindergarten distance from my home less than 1 minutes, ha ha! In my home ~ ~ [recommend nutrition with reason] this package has the focus!相关的主题文章: