400 billion yuan in Wenzhou, a man involved in the huge transnational gambling network case splitit

400 billion yuan in Wenzhou a man involved in a large multinational Internet gambling case recently, Songyang City, Lishui County People’s court with the use of network platform, the implementation of transnational gambling online gambling case, involving a total amount of 400 billion yuan, profit of 580 million yuan illegally. In the case of the defendant Zhou Wenzhou Lucheng people, in April 5th this year, Vietnam arrested, after being transferred back home. 11 24, the trial court sungyang, one of the defendant Zhou Gang as the main criminal court trial. Zhou suspicion of casino crimes in October 22, 2014 by the Songyang County People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest. China’s Ministry of Public Security issued a warrant, international organizations issued international arrest warrants. It is understood that in June 2012, a week together with Pengmou (already sentenced), a full house, Quan Mouyu (both at large) and others, to create a shared network technology Co., Ltd. in Wenzhou. The company hired Wang, Wu, Chen (already sentenced) and a number of network technical personnel, create a network chess game platform on the internet. The platform is provided with a "rather than beef, two stud and 14 gambling games, selling homemade" bar beans "game currency as gambling chips. In order to obtain the huge illegal profits, the game platform also specially opened by Zhou in silver business group, which is convenient to realize the "bean bar game player" and the free exchange of rmb. In May 2013, the public security organs to avoid combat, a luxury company decided to work to Vietnam, modify the domain name at the same time, continue to run the online gambling platform. In June 18, 2014, the game was seized by public security organs. The survey found that the platform game player account for more than 204 months, the purchase of silver in the office, generating nearly 19 trillion game currency, to the sale of silver business prices reached 400 billion yuan, Zhou and other criminal illegal profit of 580 million yuan. In addition, Zhou also participated in another online gambling gaming platform silver business group, illegal profits more than 8 yuan. In June 2014 after the incident, Pengmou, Xu, Zhang Wo, some 8 people have been prosecuted and arrested, jailed. Some of the people involved in a whole and a fugitive Yu Hao. At present, some crimes in part of the case is still pending.

4000亿元 温州一男子牵扯到特大跨国网络赌博案近日, 丽水市松阳县人民法院审理一起利用网络平台, 实施聚众赌博的特大跨国网络赌博案, 涉及金额共计4000亿元, 非法获利达5.8亿元。该案被告人之一周某是温州鹿城人, 今年4月5日在越南落网, 后被移送回国。11月24日,松阳法院审理该案, 被告人周某作为该团伙主要犯罪人员之一当庭受审。周某因涉嫌开设赌场罪于2014年10月22日被松阳县人民检察院批准逮捕。我国公安部发布A级通缉令, 国际组织颁布国际追捕令。据了解,2012年6月, 周某伙同彭某 (已判刑) 、 全某豪、 全某瑜 ( 均在逃 ) 等人, 参股在温州创建一家网络科技有限公司。该公司雇佣王某、 吴某、 陈某 ( 均已判刑) 等一批网络技术人员,在互联网上创建一家网络棋牌游戏平台。该平台设置有 “通比牛牛” 、 “二人梭哈” 等14款赌博游戏, 销售自创的 “酒吧豆” 游戏币作为赌博筹码。为获取巨额非法利益, 游戏平台还专门开辟由周某负责的银商群, 从而方便游戏玩家实现 “酒吧豆” 与人民币的自由兑换。2013年5月, 为逃避公安机关打击, 全某豪决定将公司的工作地点搬到越南, 同时修改网站域名, 继续运行该网络赌博平台。2014 年6月18日, 该游戏平台被公安机关查获。经勘查发现, 该平台游戏玩家账户达到204万余个, 在银商处购买后, 生成游戏币近19万亿个, 以银商收售价格计算, 达到了4000亿元, 周某等犯罪人员非法获利达5.8亿元。此外, 周某还参与了另外一家游戏平台网络赌博的银商群, 非法获利8万余元。2014 年 6 月案发后, 彭某、 徐某、 张某、 沃某等8人先后归案, 并被移送起诉获刑。全某豪和全某瑜等部分涉案人员在逃。目前, 该系列案件中周某犯罪部分, 还在进一步审理之中。相关的主题文章: