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One week, 4 patients with " were treated with paraquat "! Child center to remind parents concerned about the accidental accident – Sohu in Shanghai Children’s Medical Center for nearly a week about continuous treated four pesticide paraquat poisoning patients, so that doctors were shocked. The doctor reminds, ingestion is a common childhood injury. Parents must strictly manage the storage of toxic and harmful substances at home. And the use of state banned pesticides causing poisoned, should pay attention to. Note: paraquat is very toxic to humans, and no specific antidote, oral poisoning mortality rate of more than 90%, has been banned or strictly restricted by the use of more than and 20 countries. "Just a week or so, we have treated 4 cases for various reasons by paraquat poisoning in children. So terrible!" Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, director of the Department of critical care Wang Ying to the hospital and the media to reflect, hoping to appeal to parents through the media attention. Lee, who lives in Pudong, Nanhui last week after eating a meal appeared in varying degrees of gastrointestinal reaction, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting. Began to think that just eat is not clean, then found the home garden vegetables are all suddenly die, Lee felt very strange. Once again, it was discovered that it was next door neighbor to his field spraying paraquat, some paraquat blew into the courtyard of their own vegetables on the wind. At noon, Lee family picked vegetables cleaning their own after cooking food, which was poisoned. Because they eat the most, the symptoms are particularly evident, the son eat less, the performance of abdominal pain. Coincidentally, Mr. Wang from Anhui’s sister also suffered the same misfortune. Next door to the home of the spray syrup floating on their own tomatoes, the children picked tomatoes after eating symptoms. The same is Mr. Zhang from Anhui home with paraquat, because there is no safe place, so that only 2 year old son in the hand of play. Son opened the bottle, paraquat sprinkle on the skin, also be a child licking the mouth, immediately appeared discomfort, parents found is immediately sent to the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center paraquat be frightened and change color. About a week to consecutive 4 patients with paraquat poisoning, so that doctors were shocked. ICU Ren Hong deputy chief physician said, "heard the paraquat, heart will thump, very terrible." Paraquat in the end is what? "Paraquat" implies that all the grass withered. "This is a kind of fast and effective herbicide, which has the function of contact and internal absorption. Can quickly be plant tissue absorption, the dead, had no effect on non green tissues. In the soil and soil rapidly combination of passivation, invalid for plant root and perennial rhizomatous perennial and." It is understood that paraquat toxicity is very large, and no specific antidote, oral poisoning mortality rate of up to 90%, has been banned or strictly restricted by the use of more than and 20 countries. In China since July 1, 2014, revocation of paraquat agent registration and production license, to stop production; but retain the parent drug production enterprise agent export overseas registration, allowing for export production, 2"相关的主题文章: