4.4 seconds Pobai Aston Martin vantage gt8- auto Sohu (video) winfast

4.4 seconds Pobai Aston Martin Vantage GT8- Sohu car supercar also need some qualities in the new Boleyn talent shows itself, even in the parking lot at the traffic. Here each year at the 24 hour endurance race, attracted tens of thousands of fans gathered here, let the normally quiet bustling corner of the Eifel mountains. In our experience, a lot of people just look at the shape of the supercar, rather than pay attention to their outstanding performance on the track. When Aston · Martin Vantage GT8 pulled out Front Gate like her predecessors, scoring and queue before Martini, Porsche 918 Spyder the two cars as compelling as it is indeed, supporting the mediocre Bugatti Veyron fu. It is worth noting that, spend double the money to buy GT8 power will not be significantly increased. Aston configuration of the old 4.7 liter V-8 engine moderate reset version, so now the company claims that the engine can provide up to 440 horsepower, only more than the standard model of more than 10 horsepower. This is mainly due to the design of new cars to allow faster flow of exhaust gas. The GT8 can be equipped with a single clutch seven speed automatic transmission or a six speed manual gearbox. Aston said that the choice of the number of two kinds of transmission ratio is about fifty fifty; choose manual number seems to be picked up, at least in some of those people in the pursuit of sports spirit is this. Despite the lack of significant advantages in output, but in the inferior thrust weight ratio has basically been positive by lightweight body torsion. The GT8 bumpers, front fender, bumper plate, and shunt are made of carbon fiber, the front wheel and GTE racing aggressive cutting contour. Car interior, carbon composite frame fixed sports seats and carbon fiber door trim has also been applied. Aston also replaced the portable racing grade lithium ion battery. In a word, these measures cut a total of 176 pounds, but it can also be specified through additional money to carry out lightweight transformation – the use of forged aluminum wheels, carbon fiber roof, titanium exhaust system. To lose 44 pounds. And, to create a real car, the vehicle uses polycarbonate side and rear windows. These will control the vehicle weight to 3329 pounds. The GT8 on the rear axle 1.4 inches wide, in front of more than 0.8 inches. The wider body made him more adaptable to the wider straight track. Compared with the standard Vantage V-8, the spring rate is 25% and an increase of 10% in the front and behind, but the most significant change in the chassis is the disappearance of electronic adjustment shock absorber. It has been replaced by passive dampers. At the same time reduce the body height of 0.5 inches, the sleeve has also been upgraded to match grade specifications, the front suspension geometry change make camber has been further improved. In short, Aston claimed that within the scope of the legal road, GT8 has made the biggest track strengthening, and beyond last year’s GT12. We can only drive it on the Boleyn circuit, although it’s a bit crowded here, but most of the tracks here are much bigger than the United States相关的主题文章: