38 central enterprises to invest hundreds of billions of blood transfusion Heilongjiang help revital happynewyear

38 central enterprises to invest billions of dollars of "blood transfusion" in Heilongjiang to help the Northeast – Beijing, China News Agency, Harbin, September 23 (reporter Shi Yifu Wang Dongliang) 23 afternoon, Heilongjiang official held in Heilongjiang province and the central enterprise integration and development cooperation "results news conference, Heilongjiang docking 38 central enterprises, involving 60 projects signed and the total amount of about 134 billion 230 million yuan, covering all 13 cities in Heilongjiang and 2 provincial units, 4 universities and research institutes, in order to boost the northeast old industrial base — Heilongjiang to achieve a new leap forward. Heilongjiang is located in Chinese Xinjiang, is China traditional industrial and agricultural base in the country, the overall development of Chinese consequence, but the proportion of the energy industry in recent years, the industry is too large, the development of emerging industries is not enough to make up the traditional industry recession gap, resulting in an increase of Heilongjiang most economic indicators continued to slow down. In April this year, Chinese officially released "a number of opinions" the CPC Central Committee and State Council on the comprehensive revitalization of the northeast old industrial base, the views put forward in 2020, northeast China made great achievements in key areas and key links of reform, on this basis, then about 10 years time, to achieve the overall revitalization. Heilongjiang province SASAC and China SASAC to discuss, to determine the "deepening reform, seeking revitalization, collaborative development, integration and development" as the "central," will be the theme of cooperation and exchange, attracted a total of 80 central enterprises to participate in the general assembly. From the project contract situation, the central enterprises in Heilongjiang Province signed the industrial transformation and upgrading of products and supporting collaborative projects a total of 35. These projects will promote the Heilongjiang equipment manufacturing, energy, petrochemical, food and other traditional industries to high-end. This meeting, the Heilongjiang provincial government and the China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, China North Industries Group Corporation, State Development Investment Corp, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement 4. This is an important symbol of Heilongjiang and the central enterprises at a higher level, wider areas, a longer period of deepening cooperation, the depth of integration. Heilongjiang province SASAC spokesman Chen said at the meeting, Heilongjiang province and central enterprises signed the project, the transformation project of PPP, fund business model innovation and scientific and technological achievements of 16, Heilongjiang will accelerate the cultivation of new energy, new power, open the golden period of economic development in Heilongjiang. (end)相关的主题文章: