2016 funny Nobel prize the impact of wearing different materials on the mouse sex life ghost observer

The 2016 Ig Nobel prize: wear pants on mice of different material life is what influence the 2016 Ig Nobel prize live review Sina Technology News Beijing on September 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, different materials wear pants to have what effects on mice of life when you bend, from between the legs when viewing the object you see whether will not the same?…… On the evening of September 22nd, the Nobel prize winner gathered at the Harvard University to award the most bizarre research of the year. Winners can get 10 trillion yuan (actually not worth much money) in Zimbabwe. One of the winners of this year’s Ig Nobel prize is an English man who pretended to be a goat and lived for three days on the Alps. The man named Tom Ttwitz (Tom Thwaites), he was wearing a special prosthesis, so that he can walk like a goat. The Nobel prize is an imitation of the real Nobel prize, which is presented annually at the Harvard University, and is awarded by the true winners of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Sciences, and the National Academy of Sciences. The prize is awarded by the true winner of the year of the. Other awards include analysis of reasons for this stone character, and when you bend down and look past the world from what is between the legs…… Wait。 At first glance, these studies seem to be a wild legend, but a closer look shows that many studies are actually carried out in order to solve practical problems. And almost all of the research projects have undergone peer review, published in a professional journal. However, the German automaker Volkswagen is clearly not happy to get this year’s Ig Nobel prize. The company won this year’s chemistry prize for cheating on the exhaust emissions test. In addition to the Tom prize winner, biological Tehuaici, and Charles Forster (Charles Foster), he tried from the animal’s point of view, in the field of life is what feeling. Tehuaitesi admitted that he just want to escape the pressure of modern life, but it has become a real hobby. It took him a year to study the idea. He even persuaded a man named Green (Dr Glyn Heath) the Sith prosthesis specialist, to create a pair of imitation goat leg prosthesis. American Journal of humorous science "impossible of (the Annals Improbable Research) is responsible for the Nobel prize for inspiration, this year has been the birth of the award twenty-sixth years. Tehuaici soon made friends". Tehuaici was involved in a brawl among the goats. All of this year’s winners are as follows: the reproductive Award: late AI (Ahmed Shafik) Mohammed Shafiq, he studied in polyester fiber, cotton or wool trousers, what impact will the mouse’s life. The economic prize: Mark Elvis and colleagues, from their sales and marketing point of view, on the stone of the character of research. The physics prize: Gabriel, Iakhovas (Gabor Horvath) and colleagues, they studied why white)相关的主题文章: