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1500 yuan! IPhone7 high cost of hardware to buy it cost-effective? Sohu iPhone 7 may be the highest cost of a iPhone. In September 20th, IHS Markit of iPhone research institutions 7 found that the new mobile phone cost is by far the highest cost in all iPhone series, than a iPhone 6S is also higher than the $36.89 (about 246 yuan). Larger battery and storage space, smooth bright black shell and higher screen resolution, are the reasons for the rising cost of iPhone 7. According to Reuters, the basic production cost of $5 included 32G, iPhone 7 of the total production costs rose to $224.80 (1499.3 yuan), compared with IHS Markit on iPhone 6S production cost valuation of $36.89, increased the proportion reached 19.6%. Nevertheless, apple still earn a lot. IPhone 7 32GB storage capacity version of the bare metal price is $649, the sale of every department, in the hardware profit of about $424. And apple this year, the price of iPhone 7 Plus was set at $769, higher than last year’s cheapest $749 iPhone 6S Plus to $20. Storage capacity of iPhone 7 32G no bright black, may also take into account the cost of the problem. Bright black models (commonly known as the black piano) shell manufacturing increased the anodic oxide layer polishing multi process, its cost is higher than the ordinary version, if the 32G version with this case, profits will be further compressed, so apple is very smart to put the hot money left for 128G and 256G versions. IHS Markit is not currently dismantling the iPhone 7 Plus, but the expected cost is higher than that of iPhone 6S or Plus, because the higher visible component configuration: the screen shows the higher resolution, higher cost of housing, there are two rear camera 12 million pixels, longer battery life. IHS Markit also said that iPhone 7 bill of material costs and competitors Samsung’s flagship smartphone is similar, but Apple’s higher margin. IHS Markit Rassweiler, senior director of Andrew services, said: in the case of other conditions unchanged, Apple’s hardware profit is still higher than Samsung, but the cost of material is higher than in the past." Although Apple has not released sales data of iPhone 7 series the first week, but the company has said that the first batch of goods have been sold out. IPhone 7 Series this year, like a dark horse, in the market is not optimistic about being questioned if the headset interface is reasonable, and ultimately get hot. Moreover, Apple Corp iPhone 7 in the first week after about two weeks, the stock has risen nearly 5.4%. IPhone sales accounted for apple"相关的主题文章: