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11 Afghan Wars: 7:45 on live video Messi fight to win or die fate showdown triggered at any moment! Neymar Messi led the Afghan war of the century Tencent sports news November 10th Beijing time 7:45 on November 11th, the 2018 World Cup round of eleventh South American Zone, Brazil based Belooriza Te Mineiro arena against Argentina. The Biancocelesti will fight to win or die, Messi Neymar will clash, Tencent sports video broadcast of the game, please pay attention! Click to enter the video live > > > in addition to the other 4 games will also provide you with live video! Video 11 04:30 Columbia vs Chile [Live] 11 07:00 Uruguay vs Ecuador [11] between live video 07:30 Paraguay vs Peru [11] between live video 07:30 vs Bolivia Venezuela [Live Video] Messi Neymar war between the races in 1, teeter could continue record when Dunga was in charge of Brazil before 6 the world cup made only 2 wins, 3 draws and 1 negative results, ranked only sixth, while in the teeter coach after the Selecao, four games, ranking jumped to the top. Not only that, four games coached the Brazil teeter, scored 12 goals and conceding just 1 goals, nearly two war are zero closure opponents. The four round victory in Brazil will usher in the real test, Messi led Argentina to face, teeter could continue record worthy of attention. History of the two teams clash 102 times, Brazil 39 wins 26 flat 37 negative results, scoring 159 goals to lose 159 balls, the World Cup clash 7 times, Brazil 3 wins 2 flat 2 negative results, scoring 12 goals to lose 9 balls. The previous three alive preliminaries home court against Argentina, Brazil two wins and one unbeaten. The world cup for the first time against Brazil 1 1 draw away Argentina, Ravitch, Lucas and Lima as the two teams each into a ball, David – Lewis red off. 2, the two teams in the FIFA Argentina fight to win or die were ranked first and 3, but before the end of the 10 round, Brazil topped the ranking with 21 points, while Argentina only ranked sixth with 16 points. Argentina was ranked fifth in Bolivia, but because of illegal use of players in Chile and Peru, leading to FIFA decision, these two games were commuted to the opponent win, get 2 points extra Chile to surpass Argentina, the Biancocelesti slipped to sixth. Argentina nearly three rounds extremely, but also the future of the three war against Brazil, Columbia, Chile, the three strong teams, qualifying the situation has been in jeopardy, November battle must achieve victory. Nearly 4 times the World Cup qualifier against Brazil, Argentina only achieved 2 flat 2 negative, the last victory over Brazil in June 8, 2005 (3-1). It is worth mentioning that the Argentina World Cup 5 games never lost, made 2 wins 3 flat achievements. 3, Messi PK Neymar, the two teams have 7 players played Barcelona (official data) and Manchester (data), Messi, Mascherano (data) against Barcelona teammate Neymar, Aguero, and Saba Laeta will be against Phil Nandy Neo otamendi. 7 pairs)相关的主题文章: