10 calls to persuade the suspects to surrender Trinidad police rushing to recover stolen money tamiflu

"10 telephone calls for the suspect to surrender himself, and the police are rushing around to recover the stolen money." thank you very much." In the afternoon of November 8th, Hubei, Lichuan, Wenling Province, Taizhou Hu came to Wenling city police station Chengdong police station, from the police Zhou Ren want to take the hands of cheated 18800 yuan car purchase. The same day, 3 other parties to 42400 yuan from the hands of the police get cheated. At this point, a car fraud case finally completed a satisfactory ending. In mid August, Wenling Chengdong police station received the alarm of Xiao Hu and Xiao Yang, saying that he was cheated by 18800 yuan and 16300 yuan by Guizhou Xifeng native colleague Liu in the name of buying a car. After filing, Chengdong police station quickly launched an investigation, and Liu as an online fugitive. After investigation, the police found Liu also guilty of another two cases of fraud, is the use of their work in the motorcycle factory identity lied can help buy the internal price of the motorcycle, at the beginning of July respectively for two Guizhou fellow small branch, Zhang Car Buying paid 18100 yuan and 8000 yuan, four of the total amount of the victim to being cheated 61200 yuan. To work in Guizhou police arrest and actively carry out at the same time, the police want to give Zhou Ren Liu family sent a letter to persuade, and get the fixed telephone from the local police department of the Liu family. When the first phone call was over, Liu’s mother answered it. When she heard that it was Zhejiang police, she immediately hung up the phone, and then no one answered again. Zhou Ren think not discouraged, insist that every phone call Liu family, until the seventh day, the phone finally connected. This phone is Liu’s brother, began to contact he insisted no brother. After unremitting persuasion, the other said that they would discuss it with their parents again. To the tenth phone call in the past, Liu brother volunteered to ask his brother’s case. Finally, the other side agreed to cooperate with the police’s persuasion work, and quickly repaid 61200 yuan stolen money for liu. In November 2nd, Liu, who fled for several days, was forced to surrender himself to the Xifeng police. In November 3rd, the police will travel thousands of kilometers back to Liu, who was arrested after the police contact, Hu 4 victim actively return stolen goods refund. The afternoon of November 8th, 61200 Yuan Hu 4 people get back all the money.

10个电话规劝嫌疑人自首 民警千里奔波追回赃款“真是太感谢了。”11月8日下午,在台州温岭打工的湖北利川籍小胡来到温岭市公安局城东派出所,从民警周仁想手中接过了被骗的18800元购车款。当天,另外3名当事人也从民警手中领回被骗的42400元。至此,一起购车诈骗案件终于画上圆满的句号。8月中旬,温岭城东派出所接到小胡、小杨的报警,称自己被贵州息烽籍同事刘某以购车为名分别骗去了18800元和16300元。立案后,城东派出所迅速展开调查,并将刘某列为网上逃犯。经过调查,警方发现刘某还犯有另两起诈骗案件,都是利用自己在摩托车厂上班的身份谎称能帮忙买到内部价的摩托车,在7月初分别收取两位贵州老乡小支、小张的购车款18100元和8000元,四位受害人的被骗总金额达到61200元。在和贵州警方积极开展抓捕施压工作的同时,办案民警周仁想给刘某家属寄去了规劝信件,并从当地警方处获得刘某家的固定电话。第一个电话打过去时,是刘某的母亲接的,一听说是浙江警方,她马上挂了电话,之后电话再也没人接听。周仁想没有气馁,坚持每天拨打刘某家的电话,直到第七天,电话终于接通了。这次接电话的是刘某的大哥,开始他一口咬定没有弟弟的联系方法。经过不懈地劝说,对方称会和父母再好好商量下。到第10个电话打过去时,刘某哥哥主动询问起弟弟的案情。最终,对方答应配合警方的规劝工作,并很快替刘某偿还了61200元赃款。11月2日,潜逃多日的刘某迫于压力向息烽警方投案自首。11月3日,民警奔波数千公里将刘某带回,人员归案后,民警联系小胡等4名事主积极做好返赃退款事宜。11月8日下午,小胡等4人领回全部被骗的61200元钱。相关的主题文章: