Shanghai Wei Planning Commission to join the health and health cloud launched a new commercial

The Shanghai Municipal Planning Commission jointly launched a new health insurance provider cloud platform technology – Sohu adjacent chapter technology November 18th news: November 17th, the Shanghai Municipal Planning Commission sponsored, organized the cloud safe health promoting Internet plus medical and comprehensive financial mode "in the Shanghai Si Ji Hotel held successfully. More than 100 people from all over the country, including representatives of well-known hospitals, commercial insurance agencies attended the meeting. At the meeting, Professor Zhang Kan, director of the Shanghai Municipal Planning Commission Director of science and education to demonstrate the application of Internet Medical + comprehensive financial cases and results. At present, the domestic medical insurance fund gap is huge, the 2017 Medicare gap of $40 billion, by 2020 the gap will jump to $73 billion, a huge expenditure of people to see a doctor, "your doctor" problem is increasingly serious, health care has been unable to meet the needs of the people for personalized medical insurance, health insurance to solve problems in commercial insurance. Shanghai Wei Planning Commission has always been at the forefront of the domestic health care reform, together with the health group of health cloud business is committed to the Shanghai medical and health ecosystem. The leader to start a new business security platform cloud safe and healthy as a peace group dedicated to the unique social and commercial insurance settlement platform integration business sector, with the payment platform, credit system, medical hospital an account through three functions. The integration of a variety of community business platform including health insurance, commercial insurance, payment channels, to provide one-stop settlement platform for regional medical institutions, with the help of data safe and strong advantages, the establishment of medical credit system at the individual level and the medical condition, provide insurance + financial portal, to provide comprehensive financial services platform for hospital patients. The Shanghai City Health Planning Commission jointly launched a new commercial insurance platform is one of the strategic layout of social business platform. The new commercial insurance platform launch from IDC medical industry senior research manager Xiao Hongliang, will share the core of the United States government Obama’s health-care plan is the reform of medical insurance scheme, the carrier is a collection of many insurance companies involved, multiple insurance scheme, CO payments consisting of medical insurance market. Learn from the experience of achievements and the development direction of commercial insurance in developed countries into the medical security system, China is actively reform plan, give full play to the social security card generally loading financial function advantage, strengthen the social security card bank account function, the construction of human resources and social security payment and settlement platform, with wide cooperative commercial bank, the third party payment platform payment channels and expand the social security card online payment mode. Ping An Health cloud general manager Ni Jianwen at the meeting speech, Ping An Health cloud general manager Ni Jianwen said, the current health and the cloud has Ping An Group, health insurance, life insurance, property insurance, pension insurance cooperation, and has a number of hospitals and insurance companies to achieve commercial insurance settlement business line ". And plans to open up the Social Security + insurance + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + C + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +. All the leaders talked about in the meeting admitted to the commercial insurance comprehensive financial and Medical Association, the trend of the Shanghai Municipal Planning Commission Director of science and education professor Zhang Kan, we will continue to explore the comprehensive financial services to promote the application of hospital management reform, through]相关的主题文章:

College graduates as migrant workers pay gap is only 1.2

College graduates as migrant workers do pay gap is only 1.2 times of Xu Lin (a pseudonym) is a university student’s parents, in the past the Mid Autumn Festival party, talked about him on the second grade college son, the child can not help to the future job prospects are worrying. Because, his intuitive feeling is that college graduates are now more and more. His feeling is right in a way, and the scarcity of college students is decreasing. 2016 in October, another round of freshmen will enter the army to find a job. These college graduates in 2017, the estimated total number is still more than 7 million. In fact, from the data can be seen from the end of the last century, the rapid growth of the number of college students, has slowed down to an annual increase of less than 3%, but the total base has reached a very large extent. The table below: data source: reporter based on publicly available data behind the growth in the number of college students, the salary has been basically maintained a growth, but this growth is very difficult to make Xu Lin feel happy. "I think, now college students just graduated, income and migrant workers almost." Xu Lin said. His judgment is not entirely correct. But the gap between the income of college graduates and the income of migrant workers is narrow, it is an indisputable fact. According to the Ministry of human resources and social data, in 2005, the average monthly income of migrant workers was 875 yuan, this figure rose to $1690 in 2010, and in 2015 rose to $3072. In other words, in the past ten years, the average monthly income of migrant workers increased by 251%. What about college graduates? According to the national "fifteen" key project "the expansion of higher education and the labor market research group, questionnaire survey of 2005 graduates of college graduates, the average monthly income of 1588 yuan in 2005. 2010, Tsinghua University social data center China economic and Educational Research Institute launched the Chinese employment tracking survey found that in 2010, college graduates average starting salary of 2153 yuan per month. Into 2015, this data has increased. According to Mycos Institute, Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House jointly issued the "2016 Chinese employment report" shows that 2015 of college graduates after the first half of the average monthly income of 3726 yuan. That is to say, the increase in the salary of college graduates is about 137% in the past ten years. After the calculation found that the gap between the income of college graduates and migrant workers, from about 1.8 times by the end of 2005, has shrunk to about 1.2 times. In other words, college graduates ten years ago, higher than the income of migrant workers by 80%, is still higher than the current salary gap narrowed faster than the previous 20%. At the same time, with the rapid growth of the income of migrant workers, it is the continuous migration of the population from the countryside to the city. Can be observed, and the rapid growth of income of migrant workers is the tide appeared together, to live as the representative of the so-called "grass root economy", in recent years continued unpopular. While the income gap narrowed, but also to a certain extent, it can explain why the "knowledge is useless" rampant again. However, Xu Lin is still not for his children相关的主题文章: